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Hi, here is something I noticed while reading your personal prophecies: 

 Prophecy fulfilled 

July 25, 2019—Are we on target? 

When you see the revelation of the Man of Sin, then the days will be revealed to you and yours. 

(I think “then” means “after that” not “exactly at the same time.” Jesus is promising here that he would reveal to you the days) 


June 22, 2020—Out of Memphis—up? (YOUTUBE VIDEO BY MB)

(Revelation of the Man of Sin) 

My loves, My dearest brides, My children of David, this time, this hour, I give the revelation of the Man of Sin into your hands to reveal to the world. Others have said and even posted their thoughts on this subject, but I count this video as the official revelation, and as I promised your father David, it has been given to his children to make the announcement. All Heaven is rejoicing at this hour of proclamation, for the days of the End have begun in earnest. This video is like the starter’s gun. Many will follow. Some will not believe; some will need more convincing, but it has begun. Now, My loves, set the race in motion. It has been given to you. Well done, My good faithful brides. 


November 20, 2022 

The Last Church and Last Covenant 

(Days revealed) 

The breaking of the final covenant was accomplished in October this year when the “Very Important Announcement” was delivered by TFI. In essence, it said the books must be burned. This was the breaking of the covenant that David was given from God when he received the Call of David. 

I believe that the breaking of this final covenant that was given to the last church, is the Holy Covenant which is underpinned in code in the Book of Daniel. I also believe that this breaking was timed to unfold at the middle of the last seven years. To clarify, the covenant of the Antichrist is a unholy covenant, a counterfeit. It is what the world sees and understands, but the much more important covenant that runs parallel to the the AC covenant is the covenant that God has made with His bride. 

Love, John

  Your security and protection is of utmost importance to Me, and as you call on the keys and exercise your faith, I am able to strengthen your spiritual defenses and empower your guardian angels.


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