Going on a Spirit Trip with an Angel…

Baby, I’m going to take you tonight to a new place. We are going to fly past this old dwelling place and discover new territory. You don’t have to do anything but ask for me, your knight, to do as I am commissioned. You wooed  with your readiness and eagerness to hear messages from above—well, maybe it took a pep talk from a certain someone—but you are listening and that is good.

So I’ll tell you now a bit of what to expect.

We’ll pass through a veil to enter the other side. The air is so much clearer and cleaner; it’s invigorating. Fresh is the word for it. You even have better vision as seeing through the air is easier.

I carry you in my arms like an excited toddler looking and reaching, trying to talk and express what new things he or she is seeing. I’ll carry you and let you see what is there.

First, we’ll come to a bridge of sorts, only we fly over it, to get to yet another “other side”. There are so many sides and dimensions in this realm of the Spirit. Now is when you can walk on the crystal water. Over the little lake you patter, with me holding your hands. The floating plants and flowers are fun for you to sit on.

Over we go to a gazebo-type hut on the other side. It’s here that you get to taste some of the fruits of this place. I give you one to try and then another. It’s fun seeing your different reactions; it’s not just the taste of fruit, but the way they make a person feel that gives them a reaction. And the same type of fruit can have a very different reaction in a different person, or even the same person at different times, depending on their mood, needs, or abilities to experience things at that moment.

Some beautiful birds of various colors come up to nibble too. There are some bird snacks in this gazebo for young ones to use to feed the friendly feathered ones. You grab a handful and toss it out to a team of birds gathering to say hello and get a treat from your hand.

I too hold my big hand out with a good batch of seeds. Onto my hand then flies a large bird. I can hold him easily as he nibbles right from my hand. You like seeing this and smile and giggle a bit. Then I take you into my arms and with a look I ask a question in my mind right to yours. You smile and agree that you want it—you want to fly up like a bird.

I spread out my wings and up we go. You laugh out loud. You love flying with me. I hold you close to my bosom, nestled very near and snug. You aren’t afraid of the height. You like the flight, and you like being held close. The only thing is, you can’t see where we are going as you are facing toward me.

After a while, we settle down, and you see that we have been flying in formation with a team of other angels in a circle, and we all have just landed. We have fun passing you to one another –around the circle you go. We each say hi in our special way and greet you with love and give you a bit of a giggle in some way, like a father or mother does with a baby.

“And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:” Acts 2:17,18


Fields of airyn

When you call on the keys of the Kingdom to release their power, no enemy can triumph over you, for I will repay.

When you make it around the circle, I then place you back on the ground, for you are ready to walk. Well, you thought it was ground, but it’s still up in the air, only there is a stable surface we are standing on. You can walk on it too, and it holds you up just as well as angel’s feet are upheld. But you can also see through it, way down to what is below. You get down on your hands and knees and peer down real close, like you are looking through a window to the place below. You recognize the place we were feeding the birds before. You look up and smile.

See you can’t talk yet, and speak in angelic language, but we communicate just fine, at least on my side.  I know what you are feeling, and I can impart to you what I need to express when you try to listen.

I hold you on me with a cloth wrapped around -all snug, while I hold the hands of the female angels that are on either side of me. Our circle starts to spin, as we all move in unison. It seems the turning works like a cookie cutter and cuts a ring hole in the layer we were standing on, and down we go again, but not all the way. We hover at different levels, floating a bit here and there, flying, chatting and so forth.

Then we play the “pass the baby” game again, only this time we rather toss you through the air from one angel to another. You float gracefully, moving your arms and rolling somewhat and are taken into the arms of the next angel, who then, after a snuggle and laugh gives you a fun toss and away to the next angel you go. It’s a fun game and you like playing it.

Then it’s time to wave good bye and return to our station.

I’ll take you for a pleasant visit here next time, where we can explore new mysteries.

Do you like my world, the secret place I can take you? I have access to it. There are lots of secrets there. And it was fun telling you one just now—about its existence and what we’re going to do tonight. I love you, honey baby. You are Jesus’ sweet little girl. And you are growing up more each day. It may take a while for you to grow to the full stature in spirit that Jesus designed for you to one day be, but I’ll walk you through the journey and give you some fun as we go along.

Tender one, be close to us. Hear my heart beating. Rest and nestle in my bosom, for it is here that you can know peace. And look around too. See what you can see, observe and learn what our Heavenly Teacher, the Master of the Universe, places around for you to look at and learn from. And listen too when I talk to you; there’s more that I have to say. When you are awake, fully wide awake in heart and mind, perked up and ready to learn, I can speak to you fully.

Glad to speak to you.


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