Delight Speaking:

“The might to fight comes from within, deep within. Like a well that you need to draw water from, the well of living water ever flows. It’s like it flows under the ground, and only those with wells dug deep get to access the water. On it flows, and those parched ones languishing in the sun and heat without a drop to drink won’t be refreshed. They have to dig down (search in humility) to get what has always been there and keeps being there.

Like the pits and holes dug for the kings with Jehoshaphat, who sorely needed water; it was done in the dryness and heat. But then, out of nowhere or from whence they knew not, a flow of water poured over the land filling all the pools.

Sounds like the jars and vessels—oil filling all the empty places, as much as they could contain.

The water filled as deep as the pools were dug. The oil filled as big as the vessels were.

Dig deep into the mines of the Spirit of God for the refreshing waters. Those with access to a well, which is like a very big vessel or container, will have what they need to feed the thirsty. Those with digging tools (minds that hunger for the truth) will get access to the water.

“I do the filling,” Jesus says. “You do the preparation of heart and mind. You humble yourself and are hungry and thirsty and reach for the living waters; then I fill you to your capacity. Not everyone has the same size or shape vessel. I didn’t make the vessels all the same, with equal amount of holding room.

“Some are smaller and can only hold a bit at a time, and that is so that they will pour out more quickly. They get excited about the slightest bit of New Wine and get sharing it out. They can’t contain much at a time. And if they don’t get passing it out, then they get distracted with other things. They are meant to pour out.

“Others take a longer time to digest New Wine, and they have a deeper vessel. They stock up and fill  up for a long time, tasting and re-tasting, and are glad they have much stored up for themselves. But there comes a time when they too are full and need to give out to the hungry. And when they at last get pouring, they can keep serving in this way for a long time. They’ve stored up much and have much to give.

“Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Hebrews 12:1



If God be for you, who can be against you? If the keys of the Kingdom are on your side, who shall withstand you? If My angels are fighting to keep our connection strong and our communication clear, who shall hinder you? No one.

Some vessels are like plates, flat and can’t hold much. They are like advertising vessels, like a tray, and can hold solids for people to nibble on and taste. Or there are little tiny cups for sampling New Wine. They give out in tiny amounts, but people get to see it and get a taste of it. It’s freely offered, not tucked away in someone’s private vessel.”

(Delight continues: ) So what are you? Maybe at different times you are different things.

Today you are like a flower vase, holding sweet water to nourish the young ones that people do see. You are holding them and supporting their spiritual hydration, but you don’t get to see what others get to see, the flowers that cheer others’ lives.

A humble support you are. You have to stay filled with the Word so you can be drawn from when they are thirsty. You are not a hose, spraying on them whenever you wish to, for they are no longer growing in the soil of your garden as they were before. But when they are thirsty, because you keep yourself filled, they draw from you and are refreshed.  It’s the thirsty that are filled now. But you need to stay filled and ready.

How do you do that? You keep going under the tap and being filled fresh from the waters of Heaven.

Okay, darling, so what do you do? You delight yourself in the Lord, and He fills you up.”


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