Stretching the mind

“You must rise above the I cantcloud. I cantis a dark cloud that keeps many people hiding indoors for fear of the rain and storm. Its a cloud that tells you, This is the end. You cant go above, and theres nothing beyond this. But you just have to determine by faith, walk by faith, soar by faith in to the dark cloud, seeing nothing, knowing that the answer is above and beyond the cloud. Once you break through, youll see the sun and know that it was possible, and then the next cloud will be easier to go through. Keep going by faith. Your will and determination will play a major part in how quickly you progress.

Determine and do. Know that it is possible. All things are possible, and you can do all things. No one achieves anything without effort and trying and pushing themselves beyond what they think they can do. No one wins by strolling along. No one wins the race by never training and never pushing their limits until their limits become the norm. And then they push for new limits! This is how champions are made. They are madeby hard work and pushing!”


Let your mind stretch. Your faith is almost always limited by your mind and what you are willing to accept as possible. Push the barriers back.”



keys to the kingdom

“Let your faith grow by allowing somethings to take care of themselves without direct intervention from you.”





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