USED Intercessory prayer


You have already experienced a small measure of My thought power, as have others–men and women of faith, who have known Me and obeyed My Word and put on a measure of the mind of Christ. But I now open to you, My intimate brides, the gift of increased Heavenly thought power, that which the world has not known before this time. To you I open the door to become one with Me to a greater degree than any others have ever experienced. I open the door to you to more fully put on My mind, to more fully put on My thoughts. You walk through this door by allowing Me to have full possession, by rejecting the carnal and allowing My thoughts to flow through you. As you embrace this gift, My thought power in you will be unprecedented. If you will live, think and breathe My thoughts, My wisdom will exude from you, and you will be guided by My Spirit as the world has never seen.

If you do your part and reject the things of the world, if you will put off carnal thinking and the knowledge of man, and put on My mind, become one with My mind, allowing My thoughts to dominate you, rule in you, prevail in you, and move in you, you will work greater miracles.


“Putting off the carnal is a daily, and at times, hourly function. It depends on how much you are using the Keys. At times you will open one door but fail to open the next door. Instead, you stand there in the new reality room and rest awhile. You stop going forward; you stop fighting to reach the next door. Remember the adage: “There is no standing still; you are either moving forward or backwards.” Moving forward is the very essence of the spiritual realm, for without growth and renewal, there is only stagnation and death. The flesh is an unwilling partner in this mission called life. Billions have succumbed to the ways of the flesh. Only a very few have overcome and gained their eternal reward. Why do I make it deliberately hard? Well, the answer should be obvious: the flesh profits nothing. It is the spirit that quickens, or makes alive. It is the spirit of a man that sustains him. You can’t take your old flesh and your old world into the future. It won’t be long  before these battles you fight with your carnal, material man will end and your life in the spirit will begin again. You will be free of the flesh once and for all. So make the best of it now; make Me proud of you. There is nothing I want more than to be able to say to you, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into My joy.” (End of prophecy)

“This is why I long to fully possess you, My loves, so that My thoughts can flow through you to such a degree that you are always directed, guided, energized and empowered by My mind and thoughts, by My perfect will, so you can avail your­selves of My Heavenly thought power and perform the greater works spoken of. “

  (Jesus:) There are many barriers between Heaven and Earth, between the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh, but the keys, which are a spiritual power, immediately part the veil and provide access to the full power of Heaven. If you find it hard to believe that there’s such a great distance between the realm of the spirit and the realm of the flesh, and that there’s so much happening in between, why do you think all of those who have had life-after-death experiences tell of the big tunnel they must travel through to reach Heaven?
The spiritual world is vast, and I have allowed the Enemy control of certain sectors of it for now. The keys were created to part the veil‚ to give you instant access to My power. The Enemy seeks to stop you from gaining access, and his efforts to block or hinder you will increase even more as you draw closer to the End. That is why you need the power of the keys to access My full power immediately, instantly, in the blink of an eye. The keys give you direct access to the power source of Heaven, the awesome and mighty power that could, if it were My will, destroy every last demon of Hell, including the Devil himself, in an instant.


Love to hear your thots

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