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Today the evil imaginations of men’s hearts are destroying the Earth at breakneck speed. This is why I desire to enhance this power within you now. This is why you, My chosen of the End, must put off that which is of the flesh or of the world and put on the spiritual, the very mind of God. If you’ll begin using this power now, it will help you activate the world, to set free those held in servitude to the Evil One. As you develop this gift and hone it into a skill, it will help you overcome all that hurts and destroys–it is given to you to overcome all evil in the Last Days. If you are to fulfill your destiny, you must be more fully activated with My thoughts; you must be generators of the power of God.

The thought power I will activate within you will far surpass any such demonstration of power in Earth’s history! For this thought power is putting on My Own mind in greater degree. It is being ruled by My thoughts, letting My thoughts flow through you, rather than that which is carnal. It is becoming a generator of the power of God. Those who believe and receive will become one with My mind. This thought power will not reach its complete potential while you are yet in the flesh, for Earth cannot contain such power; that is reserved for Heaven, when you join Me. Yet I will activate this gift to a sufficient degree that it will cause a mighty widening of the eyes! It will bloom and blossom and far exceed the thought power of any others in all the Earth.


This is what My blue angels told you at the beginning of this discussion. You need a buffer, a capacitor, a step-down transformer, someone to channel the raw power of God to you. These are they who are given permission to channel as much power as is needed or as you can handle or that the situation requires. One day, if it is My will and your desire, you will take your place as one of My blue beings. Be patient, My brides, for there is yet a ways to go before that bridge is to be crossed. (End of prophecy from MB) 

The world will stand in awe, for never before has man beheld the awesome results of this power! When those of the Earth witness this power, some will fall to their knees and praise Me, and they will have a healthy fear of Me. Others will tremble in fear of man; they will not repent, but rather try to fight the power of God.

You must not question or doubt this awesome gift. Do not ponder in your mind and think it is not yet the appointed time, for I said I give you all power in Heaven and over Hell.


I’ve instructed My blue angels to turn on the power in increments. As the lessons are learned and the needed victories achieved, the power is notched up a little more. Once you pass over the threshold between earth and heaven, the dial will be turned up, you might say, one hundred percent. All those who cross over, experience this boost of power, but understand something here: it is one hundred percent from the point you enter, that is, from the point where your spirit has reached in understanding My ways. Some will enter into great joy and be given limitless access to what is available in My Kingdom. Some will enter at a very basic level, yet for them it will be a one hundred percent increase in all things they had on earth. (End of prophecy from MB)

The mind of man is a marvel of My creation, and I have built tremendous capacity therein. Men of true science acknowledge this, yet it is way beyond the finite mind of man to understand the full extent of the matter. My loves, I have created your mind to become one with My mind, I have created your minds to be vehicles for My thoughts, that through you, I might show My might and power to the world. Though I allow some to have limited glimpses of the tremendous capacity of the mind, for the most part I have veiled this understanding from man, for his heart is evil. I have kept the full understanding, knowledge and power from those of the world, for I have not found them worthy of such things. Nor would they use it for My glory as you will, My dear ones.

Yet I now activate this gift of Heavenly thought power within you who will meet the requirements. Those who do the things I ask are worthy, and I am able to trust you with such a gift. For in yielding your all to Me, in meeting these requirements, you become My pure -vessels–generators of My power. It is not you, but Me within you. It is not your power, but Mine. It is not you, but My power activated within you. It is not you, but Me working through you to conquer evil in these Last Days.


Do you understand? I now activate this gift within those that pass the tests and requirements whilst still in the flesh. It is for the purpose of overcoming evil in these last days. I am giving something that would not normally be given until the flesh is no longer a hindrance; (I’m speaking of at the time of death.) Why am I doing this? Because Satan works to destroy all of creation; but if there are those who resist him, then his plan cannot be fully accomplished. This is Huddersfield in reverse. If you resist him, then he can’t have the whole town and just do as he pleases with everyone. Resist him in My name, and he will flee from you, and in time you will begin to win back all that he has taken. The Millennium is right around the corner, and it is during this time that together we will begin turning things around and righting all the wrongs done by Satan during the past six thousand years. (End of prophecy from MB)   


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