Prophecy, Jesus Speaking:

I will work in the lives of all My children, to show each of you how important it is that you put your faith in Me and My Word and not look at others–at what others are doing or not doing, and how others are following Me. For if you have a strong personal connection with Me through My Word and through your personal prayer time, your faith will remain strong and will not falter or waver, no matter what happens around you. Those of you who keep your eyes firmly fixed on Me and keep your connection strong and healthy through drinking in the New Wine and following it, will have strong faith that will not waver, no
matter what happens (even the reboot –Ed). Many look on the outward appearance, people’s personalities, their gifts and talents and accomplishments. But that’s dangerous, because even the seemingly strong ones, by measurement of outward appearance, are weaklings if they try to operate without Me and
My Spirit. I am the One Who gives strength to My anointed, so you must look to Me and not unto man. You must look to the sample of strength through receiving and believing My Word, through loving Me diligently, through obeying the voice of My Spirit.

This is what My sheep must also do. My sheep must put their faith in Me and My Word. I have many shepherds on the field tending to many folds of My sheep, but the sheep must also learn to be fed directly from My Word for themselves. They must learn to study and feed themselves from the Words, both Old and New.

My children, you must reevaluate your faith and see who you’re putting your faith in. If you have your faith in Me and My Words, both My old and My new Word. I will never fail you. I will cause you to grow, to make the right decisions, to follow the path of My will, and to bear good fruit. But when you put your faith in people, even seemingly spiritually strong, wise, loving people, or in the conditions around you, these things can fail. People are human; they’re not perfect. They’ll make mistakes. They won’t always make the right decisions. Sometimes they’ll make wrong decisions. Sometimes they’ll fail. Sometimes they’ll do the wrong things. Even people that you love and are close to, who are strong and dedicated, can fail if they don’t keep their eyes on Me and depend on Me. Even people that I anoint and use mightily as bellwethers and pillars in the Family, good leaders and shepherds, are weak human vessels who are made strong, and their anointing is kept strong through their faith in My Word, through their faith in My voice of prophecy given fresh for today in the pages of each GN. If they take their eyes off of Me and My Words and get their eyes on anything else, they become weakened.”

“Make sure you’re not trading in your birthright and calling within the Lord’s Endtime army -one of the highest, most privileged places of service- for a place or calling of lesser value. Plain and simple, within the ranks of Christians worldwide, there is no higher calling than being within the ranks of David and the Lord’s Endtime elite!” (David Berg)


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