hearing God's voice


Prophecy, Jesus Speaking:

“It is in the quietness of your bedchamber, away from the noise, and away from the multitudes, and away from the business, where I will speak to you and give you that which you need. For it is I that see all things and know all things. It is I that see ahead to the future. It is I that have planned the destination and the route, for I know exactly where I want My children to go, and I know exactly the means by which they should get there. And you know nothing at all, for how can you know these things? You cannot see them. But I can reveal them to you. I can show them to you. I can lead you and guide you and direct you, if you will but listen.

Oh, the joy it brings Me when you wait to hear from Me and when you seek Me, and when you take this time together to stop to hear Me. For this is how I wish My children to be, that they would take time to stop and to hear from Me, to seek Me. If you are willing to take this time with Me each day, seeking Me, crying out to Me for My guidance and My strength and for My wisdom, if you acknowledge that you are nothing and know nothing and need Me, so will I pour forth unto you all that you need. You must then just follow Me step by step. For I will show you this step and I will show you this place to go. I will lighten your path and make it plain and clear. So follow faithfully by listening to Me, by seeking Me, by hearing My Word, by reading the Words of David, by praising Me and loving Me and by listening to the voice of My Spirit that I may help you, lead you and guide you. So will I inspire you and strengthen you and empower you!

For I know that you are but children and that you have not that great depth of understanding that My David had. But what you have is Me! What you have is the ability to seek Me and to hear My voice, to receive My Word, and thus you have the depth and the wisdom that you need. For though you are weak, I am strong. For though you have no wisdom, I have given unto you wisdom through those that I have placed at your side to help guide you. For truly you are as children, but I am your Father and these are your counselors, and together we give you that which you need. But never think that you can do this thing on your own or in your own strength and in your own wisdom. You have no strength and no wisdom, but you have Me and the things of My Spirit, and through this I will empower you. But you must hear from Me. You must seek Me. You must be strengthened by Me. You must seek My will, and you must move according to Me and My Spirit and My strength, that you may accomplish that which is My purpose. For without Me, you can do nothing. So hearken unto Me, seek Me, hear from Me, cry out unto Me and I will give you all that you need!”


“The more time you spend with Jesus in the bed of love, the more humble you become, because you’re partaking of His humility, His love, His Spirit, which is so lowly and beautiful. The more you study the Word, really apply it, absorb it, and let it become part of your very being, the more humble and yielded and willing you become, because the Word is spirit and truth. “


2 thoughts on “Are You Listening to Me?”
  1. I love these posts! Very convicting and helping me to have a stronger connection with the Lord. I was in the The Family a very long time and joined beginning of ’72, in many countries serving the Lord. Now in the US with my wife and still trying to do what we can for the Lord. God bless you all and we would love your prayers also for us to see Gods perfect will in our lives and what He has for us next. Much love and prayers!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging comment, we are so grateful! Thank God for the Words of David, they work miracles in the lives of those that drink them in. We will be praying for you both, love and prayers from all here at MB.

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