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Prophecies for the Children of David #1

As in the days of Moses, only those that believe may enter into the promised land– those that are young in spirit, those that drink in and accept the New Wine and live it and put it into practice and employ My weapons for today. These are the faithful and true and strong that will lead the army to victory.
The Family will be pushed to the limit to try their faith. The faithful will stand in the end. Those who remain will be stronger than ever, and well able and ready to build the greater church. Each man’s heart will be tested and tried. I will prove them to see what manner of spirit they are–whether they follow after the flesh or after the spirit; whether they think this work is of man or whether they know that it is of Me. Those who think this is of man will turn aside, will despair. But those of you who know that this work is of Me, who have kept your eyes on Me and on My Spirit and not on man, will keep going. You, faithful ones, are the ones who heed My admonition when I say unto you, “What is that to thee? Follow thou Me!” You are the ones who say, “Though He slay
me, yet will I trust Him.” You are the ones who don’t look back, but keep your hands on the plow and move forward.

Everything that is not firmly rooted in Me and in this Revolution, which I have created, shall be taken out of the way, and I shall rebuild and replant the new, even from the seeds of a few faithful plants, those few but sturdy and hardy trees which remain. They shall be enough, with the power of My Spirit, to carry on the work.

Keep doing your best to be obedient and follow what the Lord has shown in the Letters and the counsel that He is giving now directly through prophecy…Keep your eyes on that heavenly goal, and don’t let anything dissuade you from following the conviction that the Lord has put in your heart.

 Jesus speaking:

They that are faithful to Me and to the Words of David are the ones in whom I delight and through whom I accomplish My will. Therefore carefully study these Words and pay close attention to them. Stay true to My Words of truth and be committed to stand by them and to stand up for them no matter what. Hold to My Words of truth and be not deceived, but be prepared. And you will be, if you are faithfully living in My Words, for then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free from the great confusion that is falling on all the world. The Lord is watching and He wants to see who are the faithful ones. He wants to see
who are the ones that are going to seek Him and His Kingdom first, even if they don’t have anybody making them, but they do it out of a desire to please Him, because they love Him. Is that you? Are you one of the faithful ones?

You can do the best you can for Me, no matter what situation you are in, just as all My faithful children throughout the ages have done, whether or not they had the support of others or had like-minded people to work with. There are countless men and women who fought and lived for Me until their dying day‚ without being attached to a specific group of people. Darkness will cover the Earth, and great darkness the people of the Earth, but My light shall arise upon you and My glory shall be seen upon you, My loves, My dears, you who have stuck closely to Me and through whom I will manifest My very Self in the midst of gross darkness upon the Earth.   (PFTCOD #1)

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3rd War of the Antichrist

You will be My shining lights, those whom I can count upon, those who have not left Me to lie in the bed of other lovers, but who are My true brides and who stay faithful–that is, full of faith–even through the darkest of times, to bring My light upon the weary and worn and hungry.

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