beauty for ashes


“With love, it all means something. I mortify your flesh, My darling dove. I kill it, so you can understand more what I did for you, so that you can fall in love with Me more than ever. It’s so you can experience My enduring, never-ending mercy for you. My infinite love for you, My child, so you can fathom why I died for you and can comprehend that I did that while you were yet a sinner. It was My hope you would find Me and surrender all to Me. And you did, but to understand that great mercy, you must fall and fail and be humiliated and realize how very nothing you are without Me. So for all that has happened there is great great purpose in this breaking. A bit more of you has died. And from that death, I can fill the place that is empty; that little part of your ‘self’ that died. If you let Me, I will come in most heartily, most enthusiastically with pure joy and thanksgiving. I will dance wildly and madly in jubilation for every inch you give Me, My darling. And I will keep working on you. Step by step, piece by piece, I will fill you more and more as you say, “Jesus, here, it’s Yours now. I want with all My heart for you to have it. Take it. I relinquish my hold on it.” And I am waiting each time for that. I long to be in you more and more so that you can be Me to those around you who need Me so very much. There are so few, My love, who let  Me possess them enough to make people stop and take note; so few who are willing to forsake their wants wishes and desires, to give them up to help Me save My people, My Bride. And your very own brothers and sisters need help to take this same journey you are on. Imagine the blessing you could be, if you just forgot yourself. You know the way so far; you know the tough spots. You can help them over them; you can help them make it. But you have to forget yourself. You can be a helping hand. You can be an encouraging smile. You can be a shoulder to cry on. You can be a sister that understands and is full of compassion and patience for their trials and heartaches and wrong mindsets and hankerings. You can be that beautiful shady tree that all find comfort and solace under.

It takes great love; love that you do not have. That is why I must break you and crush you, My love. There is no other way. I bring you to your knees and bring you low so you will not forget from whence you came. Your strength comes from Me. When your spirit is so strong, then others miss out on a little bit of Me that you could have given them; a little bit of My sustenance that you could have given them instead of a rough accusatory word that leaves them dry and parched and may send them back into their lonely cave from whence they came. They searched out for a friend, an encouragement, and only got a slap. You were made for more than that, My darling.  It’s time to forsake all, to give it all to Me and step up to the podium and be who I made you to be. Your destiny awaits you. It is a high calling and it will be thwart with hardships and self-denials. But it is the fulfilling of the beautiful Law of Love, My dear. I need you to play your role. I need you to insert your little key into the final lock. Remember, you all contribute.

So where is your key? 

You think you are nothing and no one? But you are My bride. Does that mean nothing to you? Is that being no-one to you? It saddens Me if you do not esteem your calling as highly as I do. It saddens Me if you will not let Me use you to show My love to those around you. It saddens Me if you will not endure, even pain, for Me. If the pain is to change you, deepen you through breaking you, then I would that you trust Me for that and truly believe that I do all things well and love you because of it. Even if you don’t understand! Through this breaking I want you to come to know Me a whole lot more, so when things happen in the future you will remember this; you will remember My love through this painful lesson. Yes, let it smash your image. Let it. Let it soften you. Let it break your heart for others who also hurt and are confused and even angry and resentful of their situation. Instead of looking scornfully at them, reach out your hands and arms of compassion and help them through because you’ve been in that place, and you now understand the why and where to now and the how to get up again after the fall; how to fight, how to break and how to fall; to fall into My arms. What a beautiful plan. What a marvelously Godly way of living! Hallelujah for the Royal Law of love. So My darling dove… beauty for ashes. Rise again My sweet, renewed and humbler and ready to be My nothing; to be but dust to serve Me and to glorify Me and to be so filled with compassion and most importantly tenacity and true grit. Call on Arnor and the Keys of gnarly resolve.” (End of prophecy)

(Arnor means warrior and he holds the Keys of gnarly resolve)


USED Gabriel and sluice gate

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“The truth of the Law of Love could be available to others if they had the faith, but except for a very few exceptions, they don’t. And the reason they don’t have the faith is because they don’t have or believe the Words of David. Don’t you see, My precious ones?”


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