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MATTHEW 16:24 & 25

  My keys are like a clean bath to soak away the dirt and filth of the world and replace it with the sweet-smelling fragrance of the cleanliness of My Spirit.


(Jesus:) This means the Keys have the great authority of restoring balance to the universe. The Keys are the opposing force of self and pride. It is those things that really create the imbalance in the universe and in the world. It is man’s desire to be higher and more honorable than I intended him to be that brings on all those lies. If man didn’t desire these things, Satan’s lies would not work on him. Because you are using the Keys now, they are working on you and restoring balance in your hearts and minds. It takes time, as little by little, the Keys part the veil to reveal the reality of the universe you are living in. Because you used them by faith, they were able to begin working on you and washing away the negatives of doubt and skepticism so you could receive the even deeper truths of the spirit world. If you get offended at some truth and stop receiving, there is nothing the Keys can do until you again choose to embrace the truth —as hard as it may sound to your carnal mind. The truth is hard, but what would you rather believe, a lie? —just because it’s comfortable for you? Or will you throw out all the lies and really grow and become what I intended you to be? In Heaven everyone will be forced to leave behind all the lies and will begin the retraining course. You can be way ahead and not have to go through the washing out of lies. So keep believing the Keys’ Words to you and don’t resist the wonderful positives of the universe just because they sound like negatives to your flesh. (End of prophecy) (JESUS SHRUGS)


Prophecy, 7th July, 2021 

The Law of Love is a pearl of great great price, My children, much to be desired, more than fine gold. It contains inestimable wealth. And few there be that find it, because it requires such a high level of denying oneself. The cost is high, but oh the beauty it brings! Even those that know it; that know of its wealth and know that it is God’s way of governing, of living a life for Him in His realm, cringe at the sacrifice involved. What starts as a grain of sand turns, with each coating of the pain of giving time and time again, into that beautiful lustrous pearl. Each time you yield up that corner of your heart and give it to another, the pearl gains more size and beauty and is forming into a high-class, quality gem, that is esteemed, set apart, of exceptional worth, such as rarely seen. On the other hand, you who have been given this secret of how to make such a pearl, can instead make stones of concentrated salts that, as you harbor them, turn into insoluble pebbles or rocks of pain that produce worthless waste. With each resistance to My call, another coating is added, and the stone only gets bigger and will be more painful to pass. When you resist and want to hold on, when you want to cover-up that corner and don’t want to submit and yield, it’s another coating, another layer. And the longer you leave it unattended, the more concentrated and hard it gets and more difficult to even want to let go of. You start to think you’ve already given so much and you’ve already gone through so much pain that you shouldn’t have to give any more. “You must have given enough, haven’t you?” But what about that dear one who doesn’t have any at all, that is hurting but fighting on valiantly without. What happened to the “If a brother or sister be naked or destitute” now?  I want you to continue to be trailblazers, My loves. And that takes courage and pushing yourself when you really don’t feel like it. (End of prophecy)

Jesus with COD

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  “As you claim the keys of the Kingdom to yield to My will in your life, I will lighten your burdens and cares and bless you with new joy that you didn’t have before. When activated in faith, the keys of yieldedness bring to your life the glow of peace and contentment.”


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