Prophecy…Jesus Speaking

For I go on…I am deeper than the Ocean, farther than the sky. My soul is a universe, depths without measure. I encompass you with Myself, I am your all in all. Come to Me, My dove, seek Me out My sweet doe. Come and find Me; for what you crave is in Me. I’ll take you to where you so wish to be! But you must play by My timetable, My love. You must be patient, knowing that this Earth is making in you a far greater purpose than you can see. You must be patient and wait for the appointed time. I shall not take you until every jot and tittle of My will for you is accomplished. Call on the Keys of Heavenly Sustenance to nourish you while on this mission of Earth.

Let Me feed you with My Words of Life. When you feel low and just want to come Home, come to Me instead and allow Me to fill you with the strength that you need. You have to stay here, and I need you to be brave and not “look back” wishing you were up Here. Don’t look back on your mission, press towards the mark of the prize! Don’t let it be said of you that you couldn’t finish the task given and were unable to carry on. Do not give up! If I brought you to Heaven now, you might have temporary relief, but soon you would be hit with the regretting realization that you gave up your crown and did not finish your course! The rewards are too high for you to just let them go.

Do not let go; do not let go. Do not forfeit the tremendous things waiting for you Here. I cannot tell you what awaits you, not in human words. Do not let go of it, My love; do not let go. Wanting to come Home now is the same as wanting to give up. That is the coward’s way, the loser’s way. And you. My dove have not been bred to be a loser. From the Eternal Halls where the conqueror’s songs peal out a glorious tune! From the Everlasting Pillars which hold countless victories won. From the Great City that all true pilgrims seek. This is where you were bred, in the Great Hall of Warriors alongside all the wayfaring warriors of history!

“Do not let go; do not let go. Do not forfeit the tremendous things waiting for you Here.”



Revelation 21

“The keys create within your spirit a deep reservoir of willpower, determination and strength that will empower you to forge ahead to victory no matter how tough the fight or how long the battle.”