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Prophecy, Jesus speaking:

“The war in Ukraine is going to heat up. This war is one of the wars of the Antichrist, so follow it closely. By that, I do not mean to go onto the internet and look at the news. I mean keep it in your prayers constantly. Many more people will lose their lives needlessly. It is a good thing that you pray for these people to put down their weapons and come under the yoke of the King of the North. However, My love, My will runs a little contrary to your prayer.

I have put it in the hearts of these ones to fulfill My will. I will harden their resolve in order that this war escalate. I hate war, and it is not My way to solve problems in this manner. War is man’s way, but I wish to use this war to show man that his way is not the right way. This war is going to help Endtime events to come to a head. More nations will become involved as they choose whose side they will take. Some leaders have already decided but are yet to make their intentions clear.

Gomer (Germany) fears America still, but as Putin’s economic policies take greater effect, they will see the wisdom in aligning themselves with Russia. It is later than everyone thinks, much later. Many will be caught in the traps and snares of the Antichrist’s world dictatorship. If you know anything about the world, then you would know that those in the world are not motivated by the purity of Heavenly love. Love for money is what prompts them to act in certain ways. What is best for me and “my country” is the underlining principal dictating their actions. “My country” is also a misrepresentation among those that lead, for they are not true leaders but hirelings. They see “their country” as a means to further their own agenda, or the agenda of the AC’s to whom they are obligated . Some of these leaders are looking for power and position, others that simply want to feather their nests, and then there are those that want all three. These are they that will go all the way and take the brain implant. The countries of this world have not been democratic for a long time. The people are tax slaves to a world order that is simply sorting out who is who in the greater scheme of things. Putin will come out on top and those that do not follow the order of things, whether they stand alone or as a leader of a country, will be dealt with accordingly. The pecking order is pretty much in place for now. But as My Word says, the Antichrist will have problems and will be running here and there, doing his best to hold his position as top bird. Full possession is the final solution, for no man has the wisdom and strength to rule a world of corrupt and self-serving subjects. Not even Satan will be able to achieve what he set out to do. The reins will slip in his hands, and in frustration he will take a whip to the errant. Satan already sees the writing on the wall–his kingdom is found wanting and is about to be given into My hands. Yet, like Belshazzar of old, he will not move from his seat until he is forcibly removed.

We are moving into the last phase of world history, and the seven trumpets are about to sound. Put aside the distractions of Satan, for he would make of you prayerless warriors, as old men without teeth, sipping porridge in your tent. He would that you not take up your weapons and run to battle. He is sore afraid of the power of the Keys and the people of the Keys, the Key bearers. I have called you to a mighty task, one that will have great impact on how much damage Satan and his fallen ones will inflict on the people of this last generation. It is largely up to you as to how many people will reach that final day and be counted as the blessed. Daniel 12:12 “Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”

“It is time to fight for your subjects, My young warriors. For how skillfully you wield the weapons of war, so goes the battle. Gird up the loins of your minds; put away childish ways and the things of this world and run into the fray. We are waiting for your prayers to release more power to our fighters on the front line.”


Love to hear your thots

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