Whilst looking at a photograph of IMF representatives that recently visited our country to service the crushing IMF induced debt on the country, my wife commented. “How could such nice-looking people be complicit in enslaving the whole world in a crisis that will inevitably bring everyone under the soul slavery of the 666 economic system?  Revelation 13:16-18.

The following excerpt from “Journey to Gragau” by A. W. Trenholm came to mind. And although it gives us a clear view of who is behind the scenes, these “nice looking people” are nonetheless not ignorant of what their immoral behavior has brought upon the world.

“One shop looked bright and inviting, and was offering good things to customers and I wanted to go in. But Elatia said, “Stop! Don’t go near that
place! That viper’s pit is the most evil of all. In there are the merchants of hypocrisy, the makers of schemes and scams, the plotters of murder, the
appearance of good that is evil. Those evil spirits deal in deceit of the most wicked kind. They sell appearances of good for the purpose of evil.”
“Can the wicked do good?”
“Of course! They not only can do good, they are supposed to do good! But the good deeds and appearances that these connivers manufacture and sell to the hearts and minds of evil men are wicked schemes, seductions, lies, and deceit that serve the oppressors. They first appear to be good and wonderful things. Perhaps a prize the victim supposedly has won, or some other good fortune come their way, maybe a surprising act of kindness, a helping hand, a deep concern, a false friendship. They make and sell the many masks of good appearances that evil intentions can put on to cover their mischief. All that is good and desirable, they employ for evil purposes. A good trap uses the best of baits.”
“That is so evil! But those that use such devices must surely know that for whatever advantages they seem to gain in life, they lose in increased damnation to their own souls.”
“That part of the deal is not shown or explained to a client. This is the oldest evil there is. Satan used it in the Garden of Eden to destroy the hope of humanity and bring them into bondage. It is the weapon of choice used by all who do not deal honestly with their fellow man. The perverse use of good for the purpose of evil is a great insult to God and an affront to the Holy Spirit. Satan himself is the father of all such merchandise. “So, Travis, do not be deceived by all the light and brightness there. Remember that Satan himself appears as an angel of light when it serves his purpose. The light you see there is actually one of the most revolting kinds of darkness there is. It is the warm smile that covers a plot to rob or kill someone. This is the House of Hypocrisy and lying lifestyles. Like weevils at work in a bag of grain or termites in wood, they eat away the interior of a good work and leave only the outer shell of appearances. They have mastered the art of attacking anything that is good, and little by little replacing it with a mix of predigested pulp polluted by greed and the desire for gain. Religions and charitable causes are their preferred victims. The Bible speaks of them as being those who offer up showy prayers and weep at the funeral while they rob the widow of all that she has. The light that you see in this place is really darkness, because it destroys all the good that it touches except for the thin veneer of appearances of good it leaves on the surface.” (end of excerpt)


” You may wonder how countries could fall for this trap. There are many reasons. Greed and the lust of the flesh play a part, but the biggest transgression man has made is that of not heeding the Word of God. Matthew 6:19-21 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth (termite) and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth (weevil) nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves (Elites) do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”