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My daughter was relating to me scriptures about 666 and what it says in Revelation about the mark of the beast: 13:16; And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. She pointed out that the verse seems to indicate that everyone in the world is going to take the mark. She was wondering how Christians could possibly take the mark…unless they were duped or deceived into taking it. So how could a Bible-believing Christian fall into such a trap? Well, one way is if they arent following the spirit of God through the Holy Ghost. If all they have been doing is following the false doctrine of Churchianity and listening to their pastors and priests instead of living by faith in God’s Word. What is the chief doctrine of most churches today? …Prosperity. What is prosperity but worldliness, and what is taking the mark of the beast all about? Buying and selling.  And buying and selling of course, is nothing short of worldliness.Now a true follower of Jesus follows the teaching laid out in the Bible. In regards to worldliness i.e. following the ways of the world Jesus said:...for the continued prophecy, download full pdf of this blog below.


What if this worldwide vaccination program is nothing but a thinly-disguised hoax to register, or mark the people of the world and at the same time force the people either to the left or right? No jab no job, no job no life, an outcast.



revelation 13

“Through the power of the keys, even the hardest heart can be turned toward Me, and even those who have been glutted with My Words can experience a miraculous change and be set on fire for Me.”





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