USED Blue Angel

The Dream

The purpose of this knowledge is to help you to retain the heavenly vision and to keep the wonderment of the Spirit World alive in your eyes.

Entwine your fingers with Mine and let Me take you away from this earthly place; this place that doesn’t make sense, this place that affects you in such ways that makes you depressed. It’s so confusing here …and I don’t require you to remain here in such a state. Come under My arm and let Me show you your Home; let Me show you the way past all this stuff that is weighing on your heart. I know you wish you could escape it forever, but it is for a reason and it will teach you, My love; it will.

What will it teach me?

It will teach you to look into My face when the confusion and the feelings come in so strongly. Don’t be afraid, simply look up and see the beauteous power that surrounds My throne. Kneel here and place your head in My lap. I will gently remove your fear; carefully will I undress from you your cares and emotions, and in their place I will give you the power of the Blue and the Gold, which is to be fully possessed and to replace your thoughts with My thoughts.


Revelation 21:18, 21 The city was pure gold, like unto clear glass …and the street of the city was pure gold, as it were transparent glass.

These are the colors that stand to give Me glory. So it is with My darling Blue Angels: atop their heads shines the Pure Gold that is tried in the fire, and they shine as they were transparent glass. Darling, believe though you don’t understand really. I say yield to the power pulling you closer and closer to the power of the keys and you will be drawn irresistibly into our arms

Once inside, everything seemed amazingly open and spacious. The City was bathed in a warm, loving light, and as you entered the gate, you had a feeling of being embraced by the very Spirit of Love itself–like a child or loved one being hugged and greeted warmly at the door when arriving home.

There was a great loving Light that flowed through everything, and seemed to emanate from somewhere in the upper part of the City. The next level up formed a ceiling high above us. This was several miles up. The crystal-gold material from which the City was made glowed with a rich inner light, plus the ceiling above us seemed to catch and reflect some of the blue of the outer shielding, creating a magnificent white-blue-gold sky effect overhead.

(Journey to Tricon)


“VIDEO “Revelation 21”

“The keys of spiritual awareness will part the veil and bring unity and communication between you and your spirit helpers.”


Spirit Helper speaking:  “I am calling to you…I am not attracted to the preoccupied and the noisy. I am a gentle spirit…a gentle spirit that descends on the quiet and searching minds. I search endlessly for the minds that thirst for my touch. I can’t get your attention; you have to give it to me. I am your Blue angel, and I want to teach you full possession. The quiet, listening minds hear my whispers and listen to the sound of my voice. I caress your temples with my fingers and I ask you to lay your head on my bosom. Rest here now and absorb the power of God. Take a deep breath and let go. Call on the keys to let go and release, for before full possession can take place, you have to let go of the carnal mind. Oh, what a burden this mind is. It doesn’t stop. It goes everywhere, and it’s such a struggle for you to subdue it. This mind is your obstacle and your enemy, but it is through overcoming this enemy that your spirit becomes sharp and alive for the Maker to take you and possess you. Fighting those carnal thoughts and this mind is what makes you the fighter you have to be, but it also makes you soft and submissive as you call for our help for what is impossible to you. You see it is a cycle of you fighting the carnal mind and then calling us to help you because truly you can’t do it, but it is in this calling that you open the way for full possession. I love you, and I love to love you because you are a vessel for loving. Jesus needs you and I love to give you to Jesus, for that is my calling along with the Elerian —to bear you up to the King.”



July 2022


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July 2022


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