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A Blue Angel Speaking about Keys of Humility

I am sitting on my bed. It’s all dark. No one else is awake. I see a part of the wall glowing and shimmering, and I then see a blue form emerge from that light. I see my Blue Angel; she is tall and her hair is flowing deliciously all over her back. As she steps near me, I feel something like electricity inside me. She bends down on one knee and takes my face in her hands. Her eyes are alive with excitement… this is the first time I have ever seen her face so clearly. She looks so happy, and as she puts her arms around me I feel like I’ve been transported into another world…her world: Jesus. I have been transported into Jesus Himself. I see so many things, but I am aware of the presence of all my spirit helpers. It seems they have to be here to help me to not be consumed completely by His awesome Presence. It’s like they have to stabilize me because I am on the earthly plane and I can’t handle the fullest of Full Possession.

Blue Angel speaking: I am also the generator of the power that will be placed within you. You need me in order to be fully possessed because I am the guardian of the power. I release to you the desire for more and then I release to you the power. So call on me and my key to help you every day, and I will help your mind to be cleansed for His Spirit.  

You have to want it and seek it out. This type of closeness to us is not a given. Even in the heavenly realm, only those who are desperate get that close to us and the King. Hardly anyone has been allowed to glance at the Power Houses of God as the Children of David have.  It’s sacred and only for the most searching of hearts. You can’t have any motivation of self —self must die. Self has to die and be buried. Self-seeking, self-confidence and self-righteousness all have to be scarified and burn for you to be allowed into our hearts fully. To learn about us, there must first be a dying—a laying down and a great surrendering. Yes, it goes deeper than just hearing from us in prophecy. There is much more and so much more to explore if you can believe. Accept now, thy lowly status, and I will pour the elixir of humility on you and you will see.

Unless the Keys of Humility unveil your eyes…you will think you know quite a bit and will lack the desperation to search and search for more. Your scales of pride have to be removed or you will think you are pretty smart and will be content to stay at the level you are. But to keep climbing you must be open to the dying of self. Yes, the higher you get, the more of self you will have to leave behind, but that is positive and very good, right?  Some cannot go further and desire not to leave all of self. It is the highest calling, yet with it comes great sacrifice, laying down of self to where you no longer live, but Christ that lives in you —transparency.  So ask for death to self. Ask us to bring you very low so when it’s time to raise you up, you will be propelled much higher into the realm of the Spirit –until it’s time for another dying and laying down and crushing. To gain us you must give all, and to win Christ there must be humility and utter desperation. Seek always to be little and desperate and hang about your neck the Key of Humility. There’s much more to come, little one. Stay hungry for us and stay empty for us and we will come to you!



“Keys, Keys, Keys, there are many keys to many doors, but the first is the Key of Humility, empowered by the Blue Key, because unless you see the insufficiency and the helplessness of self, you will not go looking for more.”

VIDEO “Return of the keys”

“Please stop, look to Me, and listen. Claim the keys to make this your modus operandi in everything you do, and your spiritual life will know no boundaries and your joy will be full.”