Jesus speaking:

“Isn’t hindsight wonderful; but more often than not regretful. However, in our case we can see that Mr. Yel-sin has long gone and his successor, Mr. Putin, has stepped in and revived the dying Russian bear. And now he sits on the top of the world directing affairs from behind the iron curtain. There is little doubt in many people’s minds that Russia was backstage during the Trump election and Brexit. In fact, Putin has been backstage since before he took control of the Soviet Union. He and his cronies are experts at influencing events on center stage whilst they themselves stay safe in the backstage shadows. Mr. Putin has gone quiet, but he is only having a refit, a makeup…you know just like actors spend time in the dressing room –fixing this and adjusting that on their costume and makeup, so is our man preparing for another demonstration of his acting ability. Putin is the most powerful man on earth. Those that think they pull his strings do not realize what monster is at the end of the strings they hold in their hands. Putin is a man, but what that man has yielded his soul to is the Dragon himself.

Do you wonder what part China plays in this Endtime play? China in her greed for money is killing herself. She is like a black star sucking the resources of the world into the trade and industry sinkhole her leaders have created. In their lust for power, control and money they are blind to their imminent demise. China is the black horse that the Antichrist is riding, and he is no kind master. He has his whip out and is driving his mount mercilessly. No rest for the wicked, no rest for system slaves; if you want to dance you must pay the fiddler. Yes, My loves, there are no more system free rides. Not only China must pay the price, but the whole world must pay…you want in, then the price is your soul. China has forfeited her soul, given in servitude to the god of this world. China is now the beast’s whore; just as poor Gracie in The Green Door belongs to Coosa. So line up, worldlings, and get your ticket for the last ride. And as the last dance begins, I send My prophets to the ticket booths and gates. They stand at the display windows where trailers feature the next blockbuster…lies, all lies, thinly veiled in glitter and tinsel.  Fully vaccinated, blind and dumb, they fill the stadiums again, the football games and movie theaters, restaurants and entertainments halls, slaves to the master puppeteer. An empty sham, away from thinking, they tumble into the abyss.”

“What if the Antichrist has already been revealed? My Word does not say that someone is going to stand on a podium and announce to the world, as he points to the man behind a microphone, that here stands the Antichrist…then everyone claps. Let’s study the scripture on this event shall we.

Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

Daniel 11:31 And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate

I created the new temple in 3 days as was prophesied by Me to the Jews (John 2:19). Any man that receives Me receives eternal life. The old temple of the flesh is born again into a new temple of the spirit. And in the heart of that new temple that was built without hands I created the Holy of Holies, and in the Holy of Holies you will find the Ark of the new covenant, where I live, I and My Word and the Keys are one. The days come that I will make a new covenant…I will …write (My law) in their hearts (Jeremiah 31:31)

The old covenant, which is the Laws of Moses, passes away at the time of rebirth or rebuilding of the temple of God and a new covenant is given. The Word that I speak unto you is spirit and life. My Word gives eternal life. The Laws of Moses are replaced with the Law of Love.  God is Love and to maintain that love the Ark requires constant refilling with the Words of life. The flesh profits nothing; it is dead and gone at rebirth. Once saved always saved, but whilst the old flesh remains, in order to maintain the temple in good order during this time before the consummation, a constant feeding on the leaves of the Tree of Life must be sustained.

“The true temple of the Holy Spirit of God is the human heart; there is no other. This is where the spiritual warfare rages between God and the Devil, and it is over the hearts of man.”


Out of Memphis

The keys of the Kingdom can create a golden force field around you which no distraction or
device of the Enemy can penetrate.

My true worshipers, who worship in spirit, enter the Holy of Holies in prayer and oblation, which is the sacrifice I require. That is where I sit –in the temple of your heart and that is where you worship Me. This is where the Devil wants to sit, in the human heart. Where does Satan gain entrance to the heart? It is through the mind. That is where he manipulates and twists and steals the faith of the masses. Through the deceitfulness of riches, he gains entrance to the heart. Where your treasure is, there is where your heart is also. To counteract this attack on your mind, you have to put on My mind, again the Keys are the easy way to putting on My mind and heavenly thought power. This is the age of grace; faith is the coinage, so by destroying faith in Me and replacing it with faith in his system,  man then becomes a puppet on his string.

Only faith in My Word can reverse this trend.  Only a personal relationship with Me, heart to heart, in the Holy of Holies of your heart can repair the breach the enemy has made. But first, My dears, you must come out of the world and turn your backs on the fluff, froth and bubble of empty pursuits that is your life. To regain the joy of your salvation takes sacrifice. It takes oblation on a daily basis. It is not a one-time thing. My Word requires you to forsake all. He that wishes to be Mine and Mine alone, a disciple, must forsake his own life.

The numbering has begun. The ticket sellers have their booths everywhere in every country all around the world. They are not happy with a mere trickle; they want the lines to be full and constant. The Devil requires that all the world receive his mark, his number. They shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, the human heart, where I live –My kingdom is within you. They will break down the walls, for the kingdom of heaven will suffer violence. So they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage.(Micah 2:2).

I seek worship out of a clean heart, out of free will and choice. Man chose Satan in the garden of choice, so My physical presence withdrew. At My departure from earth 2,000 years ago, I destroyed the last vestige of  physical worship by taking away the temple in Jerusalem and all that was therein. It was the Devil that inspired man to reinstate temple/church worship in order to keep man from entering the new covenant (John 4: 21-24). I tell you plainly that the daily sacrifice I require is worship in spirit and in truth. The last hours are upon Satan, and he is hell-bent on destruction. My true worshippers will never bow the knee to him, so he comes in by force of nature to natural man. “For the natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit for they are foolishness unto him!” Satan is after you, My loves.  Do not be misled. You are his target, just as I was his target when I walked the earth. You are his enemy. You are his greatest threat as you stand at the ticket gates and entrances to Hell, imploring the world to turn from their fornication and whoredom. But do not fear, My brides, I give you Myself–I am the greatest of your spiritual counterparts and the mightiest opponent of these who try to oppose you! “…continued in pdf copy see links below

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