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Introduction taken from the PDF…“Blueprint for the Final Hour”


Your destiny is to be the ones who have the final key to turn the final lock. No angel in Heaven‚ no spirit being has this power. This is your destiny–you of the children of David. This is what I am counting on you to fulfill.

There is a Heavenly timeline chart that Mystical Bible is following. And who is Mystical Bible? Those guys in the spirit world, that’s who! We can’t even see what’s happening ourselves sometimes, and we are right here in the middle of it. This all goes back to some time after the Reboot, when the Children of David began coming back to their heritage. It’s been a long journey and quite a story. This article is only from the last couple of weeks, and it is a story in itself. Each time we get a revelation, each time we get a prophecy, we put it on the blog. We don’t always see the connection. Sometimes we don’t even notice that all these independent prophecies or revelations are linked. But now when looking back a little bit, we realize…“Wait a minute; there’s a sequence here. There’s a series of events happening. Everything links together.” Jesus is leading us through the last 30 months and on to the End. He’s saying, “This is what I want you to do now. This is the course I want you to follow!” Of course you can laugh. “Who are these people?”  But then you’re not looking at the right thing. You should be looking at the New Wine. You should be looking at what’s happening in the Spirit World. We are listening to our spirit helpers. They’re the ones putting all of this together. Only they can synchronize this the way it’s been synchronized –all the events, all the happenings since the Warrior Band came back together in 2018, 2019. It’s miraculous. The  forest had been burnt down, but the saplings started coming up again. The phoenix was rising once more. Do you know the legend of the phoenix, what it does? It grows old and burns up, and out of the ashes a new phoenix arises. That’s the legend of the phoenix, but this new phoenix is not going to grow old and burn up. It has already passed through that stage. This new phoenix is going to set the Devil’s kingdom ablaze. Dad once said of the Family, “I thank God there’s not enough time for us to grow old and become old bottles, and go back into the Church System.” Dad wasn’t privy to what was coming down the line, was he? –the greatest revolution the family ever had, the Reboot, the greatest tearing down that the Family ever went through. …Now there is no time left; at least that’s what we’ve been shown. And how is this phoenix going set fire to the kingdom of Satan? With prayer. 

I’ve called this article, “Blueprint for the Final Hour”. I’ve sent it out once before as a PDF called “Blue Key, Green Door.” But now I am adding all the blogs that followed “Blue Key, Green Door.” along with updated comments and prophecy –because we’ve realized there’s a plan evolving. By combining all the material, the plan becomes more defined. The article ends with a prophecy about the revelation of the Final Key,  because the Final Key Revelation is actually about an Ark. The Final Key is the Ark, and if you think about it just a little bit, you realize, “Yes that is exactly what it is.” All the keys throughout history make up the intricate Final Key, a test tube or time capsule. It’s like an egg; it’s even egg shaped, and it’s being pushed into and through the barrier that Satan has tried to put between the two worlds in his feeble attempt to keep God out or off this planet. And what’s in the time capsule? All the experiences, all the prayers, all the keys, the thousands and thousands of keys that constitute the true church –from Abel all the way to the End— all are inserted into this key. Every person, when they finished their mission, inserted their key into this test tube, this egg. I think they do things like that in the world. They put all sorts of stuff in a capsule and send it somewhere, in a spaceship or something, or maybe they bury it so that thousands of years later somebody can dig it up and find all this information. They actually do that. I think it’s called a time capsule. Wow. We’ve heard that in prophecy recently, a time-release capsule! That’s what the Final Key is!

So Jesus has continued writing the story of the Children of David  and now when you step back, you realize “Wow, there’s a continuance here. There’s a sequence of events, a timeline chart evolving. Of course it didn’t all stop at the Reboot. So this final capsule is an incubator of    experiences, all the keys, all the prayers of all the saints that ever lived on Earth. Everything is held in the Final Key capsule, and our part is to put in our keys, our experiences into this capsule, this egg, this ark. And our prayers will drive it into the barrier. It’s going to slam into that barrier, into its slot, and the barrier is going to dissolve and melt. –With what? Liquid gold, that’s what destroys the barrier. That’s what    destroys the forces of the enemy. Then the Ark or the capsule passes through. The Ark goes into the New Millennium, and it’s opened. If you believe in parallels then the Final Key is Noah’s ark for this last generation. It’s so clear now, so plain! When dawn breaks, the Ark is opened, and all that was inside goes out and is used in the new Millennium. All those people are real people, brought back to life in the Rapture,    everyone materializes from behind the veil. It’s miraculous! It’s absolutely astounding and mind-boggling what is hidden in the Words of  David, secrets that are only revealed if you keep believing. So people can laugh: I don’t care if they laugh. Let them laugh, because we are going to have the last laugh –we, as in those that believe and keep believing. We’ll have the last laugh. We are going to be the greatest soul winners this planet ever had –if we keep praying, if we believe this revelation. We aren’t going to win thousands or hundreds of thousands. We’re going to win millions upon millions, because we’ve released the greatest witnessing army that’s ever been released on this earth,     San-bahd-mahl and his people. And we are staying by the stuff, aren’t we? So don’t we share in the reward? They’re the only ones that can go into Gaza. They’re the only ones who can go into China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and all these closed countries. They’re the only ones that can go in there, through the borders, past immigrations. Nobody can touch them.

This is our mission. All these messages that you are about to read take you to the “Final Key Revelation” which I was explaining just now. If you don’t go over what Jesus gives you, it’s like the MO letters, if you don’t go over the MO Letters, then you can’t connect the dots. If you read them once and that’s it, you don’t connect anything. That’s just like having a taste, as sip. On the other hand, the MO Letters are like the Bible. If you go back there too much, you could get stuck there. And then you won’t be up with what’s happening now.                                        

(Mystical Bible YouTube video: “You Begin this Charge”



Keeping the heavenly vision is easy–it just takes faith! Feed your faith with the Word, and then take what the Word says at face value. Believe each of My promises to you, and know in your heart that everything I’ve said is the truth and is really going to happen.

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