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One prayer at a time is how the spiritual battle is fought and won. Ours is a war of the spirit and must be fought in the spirit. All your efforts of the flesh can wear you down while availing nothing. In contrast, your efforts in prayer can achieve what no mortal is capable of.

“So much hinges on your prayers, My beloved. So much hinges on your desperation with Me and your times of intercession. Satan knows that your time is precious and that if he can waste even a minute of your prayer time, he has drawn away power from those who so desperately need it.”


The Magnus Warriors

“I introduce to you the Magnus Warriors. I have called together this brave band– summoned from every sphere of the universe–to be at your beck and call, to specifically assist you in your prayers during these days of war. The Magnus Warriors will be your prayer partners on this side of the veil. As one can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight, when you team up with the Magnus Warriors, you make a powerful team. As Satan sees that his days are numbered, it is important that you join forces with the Magnus Warriors, for as the battles rage, the Evil One’s attempts to prevent your prayers will continue to intensify. Remember, the only thing that can limit My power is your failure to pray. This is why I send you reinforcements in the spirit world, My loves. Hell’s Angels don’t only want to delay answers to your prayers, but they want to stop you from praying those prayers to begin with. Call on the Magnus Warriors when you set out to pray, and they will help to reinforce your prayers. They are strong and fearless, bold and brave. They will help to fight off the demons of Hell that try to prevent your prayers. They are highly trained warriors. Call on them to fight for you in spirit, for they have knowledge and skill and will run interference for you by warding off static that Satan stirs up to divert your prayers. They will help guard and protect your thoughts as you pray, so that you can focus and direct your petitions right on target. They will help you to maintain the vision and determination to fight in prayer. You can connect with them by calling on them when you begin to pray. They will help you to formulate your prayers and will bring to mind all of the things that you need to include. When you sense that the Enemy is fighting your prayers‚ when you can’t focus and you lack concentration or desperation, when you feel weary in prayer, call on the Magnus Warriors. Ask them to fight for you in spirit and help you to rise above all of the things that are trying to prevent you from praying strong‚ heartfelt, on-target, full-of-faith prayers. Each of you, My brides, has your own personal Magnus Warrior who will help you to be stronger in prayer. Some of you already know of a personal spirit helper you have who assists you in your prayer life, and many of these spirit helpers are from the band of My Magnus Warriors.

 If you do not know the name of your own personal Magnus Warrior, you can call on them in general, and they will send someone to assist and aid you. But knowing the name of your own personal warrior gives you an edge and an advantage, for that warrior is assigned personally to you and is at your beck and call at all times. Developing a relationship with your own Magnus Warrior also enables him to teach and train you in the art of prayer and help you finely tune your weapon of prayer. The Magnus Warriors are your prayer buddies in the spirit world. Call on them to perform the things in the spirit that you can’t do. They can detect where the static is originating from and can go on the attack to break it up in spirit. Ask them to quicken things to your mind throughout the day–people and situations that need prayer. Ask them anything you want that has to do with prayer. You are a team‚ and just like you can team up with someone in your Home to pray, the Magnus Warriors are your prayer partners in the heavenly realm. Remember, Satan and his evil ones will do everything that they can to prevent your prayers or keep them from being answered. Hell’s Angels conjure up sidetracks by distracting you so that you can’t pray specific or wholehearted prayers. Or they will try to prevent your prayers getting through to the person you’re praying for by sidetracking him or her.

You are at war, My loves, and in wartime there is so much opposition to your prayers in the spirit world. This is why I send you prayer teammates in the spirit world, who can help you to make a strong prayer connection in spirit. To bring about the best results, your transmission in prayer must be strong from the start. I have called together the band of Magnus Warriors to fight alongside you in prayer, to help you to transmit your prayers not only in full force, but from the right position and at the right angle, in order to bring the best results. Call on them to help you to stay tuned, to keep a clean heart and a right spirit, so that you can stay on track in your prayers, and get the message through loud and clear. Bond with them, My loves, and they will help you to strengthen your prayers. I send the Magnus Warriors to you for such a time as this, when you are making a concerted effort to unite in powerful, focused, targeted prayer. Join with these mighty ones and claim the keys as you go into each battle, and there will be no limit to what I will do for you.”


“As you claim My promises with others, the power generated is multiplied. Such are the dynamics of united prayer when applied to united goals. United prayer followed by united action, according to My will and My Word, is unstoppable.”

USED Intercessory prayer

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Intercessory Prayer

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The repercussions of your prayers will be felt around the world, for it is I Who will fight for you. I will intercede on each and every count that you bring to My attention. I build a mighty force field around every person, every situation, every need which you bring before Me. I will conquer all on your behalf, and you will gain much ground.


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