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“Prayer is powerful, and when you pray, things happen. But in the process of prayer as you now know it, there are many factors that come into play. It’s dialogue between you and Me, and you must state your request clearly and explicitly. There is also a prayer chain of command in the heavenlies, where prayers go through different channels and where My helpers in the spirit world are assigned to help bring about answers to prayer. It often takes time and effort for you and the spirits involved in bringing the answer to pass.”

The Miracle Warriors
The Miracle Warriors are a very great, powerful group of saints and helpers and angels and warriors of the spirit. I want to reveal a new way that they will help you, if you will ask for their help. There is a division of them that are trained to help you focus accurately in your times of prayer. They even fight for you against the distractions of the Enemy who would love to come in while you’re praying. You have to ask for their help in that part in order to fully benefit from it, and that’s a good thing to do whenever you are feeling distracted. Call for the help of the Miracle Warriors. They’re already standing by, ready and able, and are waiting for your prayers to be prayed so that they can take action. Many times they already have things lined up in a way to bring about My will in answer to your prayers. They’re hoping for a certain amount of power in order to bring about the best possible conclusion and answer. They’re eager to direct your prayers so that they are focused and targeted just right, and they would love to also help ward off the Enemy’s distractions while you’re praying, so that you can really release the full power they need to bring full results. Sadly, it often happens that they’re ready and waiting, but your prayers don’t really pack the punch that the Miracle Warriors were hoping for. The power trickles out instead of flooding out. They do the best they can with it‚ but they would love to help you generate more power. So call on them for your times of prayer, asking them to block the Enemy’s distractions, to bring to mind your spiritual weapons that you can use, and to help you focus your prayers just right. They’ll be right there-some will run interference for you and keep the Enemy’s distractions at bay, others will be handing you the various spiritual weapons and directing you in how to aim them‚ and others will be standing by at the actual “hot spots” that you’re aiming your prayers at, ready and lined up to put into motion whatever is needed to bring the answers to pass. They’re the Miracle Warriors, My loves, and as you learn to make prayer a more offensive part of your weaponry, call for their help, and you’ll feel the difference! Most of all, Heaven will feel the difference, and will be able to accomplish so much more on your behalf! If you want them to help you in your focus and concentration during a time of prayer, that’s a time when you need to call on them specifically. Obviously you wouldn’t feel the need for that with every little prayer. But if you’re going to have a time of prayer vigil or an extended time of intercessory prayer that you really need to focus on without distraction, it’s well worth availing yourself of their offer to help keep the Enemy at bay, and they will help you to put greater power behind your prayers. They will make it easier for you to fight in prayer. They will run interference for you.


“Do your prayers seem to be unanswered? Do you wonder if I really care and hear? These are questions that all My children ask and tests that they each have to go through in order for their faith to be strengthened. If you never faced difficulties and never had to weather a storm, your depth of faith and belief in Me would not be solid. It is when you pass through the wind, the rain, and the fires of life and still remain steadfast in your determination to follow Me that your faith becomes pure gold.”

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Praying in jubilation is like picturing in your mind’s eye Me standing in front of you‚ holding out the answer like a gorgeously wrapped present. When you are praying, you are unwrapping it, thanking Me for the beautiful packaging, the perfect timing, and telling Me how much you need and appreciate the gift. The gift is already in your hand, and you’re slowly opening it. As you do, you are expressing gratitude and love from your heart to Mine–the Gift-giver!


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