A prophecy: Call out the Bones

“Pour it out. Pour it on. The wounds are infectious; there isn’t enough to go around. Don’t think that I want to stop. Don’t think to put a cork in it. The Word of God isn’t stagnant. It isn’t a pool just sitting there. It is a pool, but even if the surface looks and feels still, it isn’t so.

Just reach your hand down deeper, deep down where the current runs. It’s moving, cleaning, always purifying the sediment that settles from the top. All of My creation is moving, the top to the bottom, the bottom to the top, stirring, mixing, aerating, blowing, pushing, grinding and smashing. Look at the waves of the sea: perpetual. My Word is just like My creation. It is part of it, and just like the sea, the rain, the clouds and the wind that move upon the surface of the earth, My Word moves in the heart of man.  It stirs. It brings to the top that which Satan desires with all his heart to keep in the dark deep.

I send My prophets out into the world at this time of deep, deep darkness. The hand that tries to hold down will burn as the white-hot Word of God pierces the blanket that is trying to suffocate this world. As a razor heated a thousand times over, My Word will set on fire any attempt of the evil one to smother. It will cut asunder, dividing the lies and make-believe world of the usurper and expose the hypocrisy and utter fruitlessness of his plan.

Call on the bones. Prophesy “Oh bones, arise now and take your place in My army. You are My thrashing machine, My great broadsword. Let Me feel My sword; let the enemy see the glint of white hot heat on the finely honed cutting edge. I will use it upon his hairy scalp. I will smite him down and into the center of the earth where he will languish for 1,000 years. Now up ye, fill thy lungs with My air; fill your pen with My ink. Fill yourselves with the seeds of God from My sack. Let the enemy tremble; let terrible fear fall upon all those that forsake My precepts. The rebellion of Satan will be swept away with My mighty broadsword. It will be cut down as grass and thrown into the ovens of hell.”

call out the bones

“My Word moves in the heart of man. It stirs. It brings to the top that which Satan desires with all his heart to keep in the dark deep.”



Secrets with Jesus #7-9 online

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