With Me being omnipotent and you being weak men and women‚ it creates a perfect situation for Me to help you with all the things that you can’t do. And I love to help you! I don’t just help you when it’s convenient for Me, but I attend to every single prayer you pray. When I attend to your prayers, that attention goes to the limit. It goes the full distance in performing what you need, what I know is best. I don’t give you only a little bit of help, but when you pray, I work a lot, and you will see big improvement, big change‚ and big progress.

The Wildcats of Heaven
The Wildcats of Heaven are an awesome army of fighters that you don’t call on nearly enough. They specialize in defeating the Enemy in any battle, and in making short work of it. They are an army that will defeat and scatter the Enemy anytime, anywhere, and in any circumstances. And, of course‚ just as you can call on them for yourself, so you can call on their help for someone else. In fact, they have a very useful role in intercessory prayer, and if you call
for their help for someone else who is in the midst of battle‚ they’ll be there to relieve that person, to boost their counterattack, and to give them a chance to see things better and mount their own offense. It’s important to remember to call on them for any and all battles with the Enemy, not expecting them to do it all for you, but knowing that their fighting skill is a great contribution to any battle. They can defend too, but they’re much more effective in attacking first and being proactive and offensive. That’s their forte.

Concentor is a spirit helper who helps us focus and who gets things done.

Concentor speaking: As you call on me, I come in in full force to help you to think on the words of your King. And with me helping you to concentrate, wow, it’s a reaction that explodes any devices of the Enemy that are trying to come in! This is the power you receive when you call on my help. So be sure to use it, and know that from even the smallest things that need to be done to the largest tasks‚ you can call on me to help you to concentrate and focus on the power of the keys and the mightiness of the spiritual world. We will fight together to overcome the Enemy’s lies and discouragement, to give you the pure focusing power that will help you to keep your mind and heart stayed on Jesus. You will feel me within you, around you, and helping you to stay close to the things of the spiritual realm.

Bulldozing Team
(Jesus:) When you pray proactively for future events, you can call on the Bulldozing Team. This is an angelic force that specializes in getting rid of obstacles that stand in the way of your getting through and making your way to your destination. … Let My Bulldozing Team clear the way for you‚ and things will go much faster and more smoothly for you when you get to where you’re going.

“Though we are divided by the veil between the physical world and the world of the spirit, yet our relationship is just as real as that of any two people on Earth. When you come and talk to Me, you feel that I understand. How do I understand?
First of all, because of My great love for you, I’m always willing to listen to your side of the story and give you the benefit of the doubt. I look beyond the feeble words you speak and I hear your heart cries. I see your motives.”