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August 24, Prophecy…Jesus speaking

“Things are moving along. Another pawn has been knocked off the board. Things have to move along. If someone is in the way or their actions are not beneficial to the overall plan, then they are quickly removed. There is no time for diversions.

The train is in motion and is picking up speed. If you are on the train track you will be thrown aside. But what the enemy doesn’t realize as His train hurls towards the future is that he is on My track. I control the direction and the places where the train will switch tracks or stop at a station. He thinks he is in control as he goes full throttle and his mad train of destruction begins to fly at breakneck speed. He doesn’t realize that he will run out of steam just at the right place, and I will put an end to His mad dash.  He knows prophecy as well as anyone, but he is hoping that if he plays the cards right, he can actually come out on top. He thinks that he can drive this train into a spectacular crash. He thinks he can outsmart Me and bring so much destruction that the souls and the earth will be his for the taking.

The people of the world are already corrupt, even those who call themselves by My name are hypocritical and corrupt. Many don’t really even know Me or know My Word or live by it. Many are already trapped in the system. They worship the system because that’s what they depend on, that’s what they obey. If the system says “Use digital money,” they obey. If it says “Take the vax,” they do it.  The enemy brings them along until they are willing to sell their souls to stay a part of that system. And so he draws them into the net. Even those who know Me are falling into the trap. They won’t lose their salvation, but in taking his mark and embracing his system, they are effectively neutralized as a danger to him. It’s like he has a foothold in their soul. They have given it to him. He cackles and laughs with glee. Consuming souls is what sends him high, (See Journey to Gragau Chapter 15) and because they are depending on his system, he can feed off them. He can suck away their spirit. He can suck some of the life out of them. That’s pretty gross isn’t it? But you’ve all had your times of pushing in the flesh and trying to make your living in the system. Doesn’t it just suck the life out of you? But now it’s not like the old days. Now you have to give over more and more to remain in the system. The stakes are raised at each step, like in poker. You have to put in more to stay in the game. You have to put your hand on their table for scanning. You have to take that ID card. You have to use their QR code to buy things. But don’t worry, each step you take to remove yourself from their system, you take a step into My wilderness and that’s where the miracles can happen. Each person that steps out of the system takes a step closer to Me and My care. I accept you, and I cut those ties to the system for you.”

Submitted to MB

  “Claim the power of the keys so that you can see My Words as the pure, sweet, refreshing, invigorating, alive, shocking and exciting waters that they are. Claim the power of the keys so that you will never desire any waters above My Word, for My Words are the only waters that give life.”

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