The Timekeeper


Prophecy, August 4, 2023

“Yes, the stakes are raised. So you see how you need to be vigilant and obey each and every check you get. They are real things. They are real warnings. Someone is talking to you and telling you how things are going to play out. So don’t ignore them. If you think that a certain thought is just your mind, then ask. If you don’t get anything, then just wait for confirmation or just act on it. If we, your helpers, know that each thought that comes in that certain way will be obeyed, then we will know how to handle you. We won’t allow anything in that is not from us or is not to be followed. We are all in training. We are still getting to know each other and how to act in combat. Yes, I know it is pretty late in the game for this. But it is only recently that you have gotten much more serious. Also the veil has been thinning. You can’t really feel it, but on the other hand, you can. Things happen and you know that there is a supernatural reason. So now we are allowed to work more, and you are allowed to sense more in the spirit, and as you can see with the thinning of the veil, the spirit world has more effect on your world. That means that people are more affected by the spirits, both good and bad. People who aren’t so yielded to Me will be more open to the dark side. This goes for you and your young people as well. If they start to get unyielded , then they will feel the effects of the dark side. Apotheon will crush the life out of them and Lethargy will make them unbearably sleepy. They won’t even be able to hold their spiritual eyes open long enough to look at Jesus and their mouths will disappear so that they can’t praise or even say a word in their own defense.  The spiritual warfare is intense… for all of you. But Jesus has given you the weapons you need. You have to use them. Sometimes it’s just by faith. You don’t really know how you are being fought. You just feel a bit “off” and confused. You don’t remember what you are doing here and can’t even remember how to fight. But don’t worry. The weapons always work. So just claim the keys and praise. Tell Jesus you love Him and that you will hold on no matter what.  That is fighting. Eventually the clouds and mist will clear, and you will see the battlefield more clearly. You will see the mountain you are climbing and you will remember that your Forever Love is waiting for you at the top. Not only that, but He is also right beside you, trying to push you along and encourage you to keep climbing. He doesn’t like it when you keep stopping and sitting down. But He can’t force you. If you are determined to sit there for a while, He can’t do anything. But if your eyes are open, you will notice that you aren’t really sitting still. You are actually sliding down and losing progress that you fought so hard for. That’s really sad. But it takes vigilance to hold onto the ground that you’ve gained. You can’t allow yourself to be driven back. You have to keep your claim on that ground by using the weapons and staying yielded. That’s what the weapons are all about. It takes submission to use the keys. It takes yieldedness to praise. In order for the power to flow through you, it has to sweep away some of your “self” That’s why I gave you the Blue Key. It’s the key of praise and the key of submission, right?”

And remember that picket key that’s hanging on your belt. Bang it into that situation you are in and hold on to it to stop yourself sliding down the mountain.


“Remind yourselves, My brides, that you are strangers and pilgrims on this earth. You have no certain resting place. Do not allow the enemy to lull you into a place where he can poison you with his gas of false security. Be sober, be vigilant, for the End draws near and your enemy goeth about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Be alert to his movement, for he is stealthy. Do not listen with the ears of man, for the ears of man are hardened and waxed dull and his eyes are dim from too much slumber.”


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