Calling on the Keys to the kingdom

My dear, you are not too far from the truth, just a little longer, just a little higher in the spirit, just a little closer to the End and you will see the Lord, our King and Husband, our Lover and Bridegroom come in all His glory. This is not a work of the flesh; this is not a work of man but a work of God. I know it can be frustrating and downright discouraging to see the spiritual state of people in this world today. But what is that to you? Just keep following the little doggy line.

Spirit Helper: Don’t give up in your mind. Hand it over to Jesus; it’s all in the mind, get it out, throw it out, just keep turning it over to Jesus. That is what Heavenly Thought Power is all about. It’s like a default button. Every time the world tries to fritz you out, just hit the default button and in an instant your mind becomes His mind and you are thinking His thoughts. Situations, conditions, things that seem impossible will not affect you because you will be seeing things through the eyes of Jesus who stands not in this world, but in the spirit world, the world where all things are possible and where nothing is impossible. Call on the keys, every single time you feel the ways and thoughts of this world pull on you. You will rise above those waters rushing about your feet, and instead of going under, you will be walking in the spirit.  And as the flood waters rise, which they will, you will stay just out of their reach. You will see the rushing waters taking many away, but you will not experience what they experience because the keys will continue to lift you above the waters of this world. You are in the world, but not part of the world. Jesus was in the world but not part of the world. He was other-worldly. He walked amongst the people; He felt their pain. He experienced their experiences but in spirit was just above the waters that they struggled through each and every day. Only with great faith in what the Word is telling you, will you  be able to accomplish this rising above. You must exercise total faith in the power of the keys. You must exercise great faith in the Words of David; you must think no other thoughts but what the power of the keys give you. They open the door to Heavenly Thought Power and Rising Above Power and Mind Melding Power; they open the doors to an incredibly miraculous life. That is why they were given to you. So use them because you will sorely need them in the days that are almost upon you. Remember the default button: when everything gets confusing, when nothing makes sense to the carnal mind, then hit the default button because you need to put on His mind. If you are thinking and responding with the carnal mind, you are thinking like the rest of the world is thinking; and they are sinking. So if you don’t want to sink right along with them, then hit that default button and by so doing you will eventually go into constant default mode. I’m telling you, and the Word is telling you that there is only one way, only one escape and that is the Keys to the kingdom. Read those words and hear: Keys to the Kingdom. The keys have been given so that you have constant access to the Kingdom of God and all that it has for you: all power, all miracles, all supply, all healing, all the love you need, all the wisdom you need, all the understanding you need, all the strength you need to complete your mission on earth. The world is constantly, relentlessly pulling on your mind; call on the keys to escape this pull, this disease really. Carnal thinking is a disease that causes worry, fear and lack of trust in an all-powerful God. Get out of the carnal world of man by using the Keys of the kingdom. Move up a level into the dimension that is just above the world of the flesh and of worldly man, and start working in the spirit today. Walk with us more; we are surrounding you constantly, day and night. So right now, today –this instant– begin madly hitting that default button to allow the keys to give you access to this dimension. You’ve heard the saying, “This is not rocket science.” Well, that quote aptly fits what we are talking about here. All you have to do is hit the default button. Call on the keys and things will start working in a spiritual, miraculous way and you will surely walk on water and not in it.


Do not limit yourself by ignoring the keys, but call on them and give Me entrance to fully possess you.



Keys are our wilderness

“My thoughts are your thoughts through the keys. Claim the heavenly thought power key!”






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