The Keys are our wilderness

It’s dark now My love, but remember you are not alone. I am with you. I surround you, and in My love for you I give My Word to comfort you. You have many there with you in spirit. It may not be the same as having someone in the flesh, but I promise I do compensate for the loss you feel, the lack of fellowship that you once had but that now feels so far away. I want you to go deeper into the spirit with Me and those that surround you night and day. You are one of us, we are one in spirit and as you continue to let go of the things of this world you will see that the life you have chosen, that of following Me as one of My elites, one of My very own, My wife, will be one of wonders and many miracles. You say you cannot live by faith there, but I say that My Word is full of examples of My men and women of faith that lived under very difficult circumstances by following My still small voice in their hearts. I have allowed you to be alone at this time for this very reason; to draw you into the world of the Spirit.

The Keys will take you there. They are indeed your wilderness, just as they were Moses’ wilderness. Look what they did for him in the Wilderness of Sin, that wilderness was not much different than the wilderness you are now in. Look to Me, My precious lover, listen to My voice and your faith will grow to such heights that nothing of this world will touch you. Do not look at your situation or conditions there in Europe; they are the darkest they have ever been since the dark ages. I realize it is easy to look around you and see that there is no way out, that is the way Satan has painted it. His dark brush of complacency and hopelessness blinds all those of the world. But it should not be so with My beloved; My bride is full of light and those out there are looking for that light. Shine on My love, shine on in faith. Let those in the darkness see your light, My light in you. Let your light shine out into the darkness that is Europe. I am but a whisper away, come My love come to My bed and let’s love passionately long into the night of these last days. Our love will shatter the darkness and you will see the portals and the Keys clearly, and they will show you the way in which you must go. Forever by your side…Jesus.

“The Keys will take you there. They are indeed your wilderness, just as they were Moses’ wilderness.”





When others see the boldness I give you through the keys, they will marvel and know that you have been with Me.”





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