By inserting the blue key



 (Blue angel speaking) You have been presented with a Key, a very beautiful Blue Key. It is unprecedented in its splendor. It glows with the power of the Blue Angels, and it was given at the time of induction into our ranks as a novice. This Key, if used frequently begins to embed itself into the user. It is the very power of God, His Word, and gives access to the generators of power. We are the protectors of the generators and it is we who give permission. It is we who are entrusted with the Key.”

“You have been told that they are a very special gift to you; this gift of the blue key has been given to you because of your calling. You were called, and you answered that day on that farm. A very great awakening happened, somewhat similar to the awakening your Father David received when he was called out of the system so many years ago. He responded to his cord being struck, and so did you. The cord reverberated around the Kingdom and the charge began, because at that time, that sound wave rippled around the universe and awoke many others, and they too rose from their slumber and came forth to the battle lines. You do not see it, but a very great army has been raised in accordance to God’s call to Ezekiel to go forth and prophesy to the armies of the past. The army of the dead have now been invoked on your behalf. You are not alone by any means; you are surrounded by millions of spirit beings, all charged and armed, row after row, standing in line taking their turn at the hottest part of the battle.”

Question: What relationship is there between the Blue Key spoken of in paragraph 40 and the Blue Key held by the Blue Angels? Is there any relationship between giving of the Blue Key to us in 2021 and the shortness of time, because in “The Assembling of the Final Key” it says the following:

Your destiny is to be the ones who have the final key to turn the final lock. No angel in Heaven‚ no spirit being has this power. This is your destiny–you of the children of David. This is what I am counting on you to fulfill.

You, the children of David‚ are the key bearers! Carry them proudly, loyally, and do whatever it takes by their power to overcome every obstacle, so that you might have the privilege of opening this lock. Many have sought this privilege, but it has been entrusted to you. You have been prepared, destined, and called to this mission. Complete your mission‚ finish the task, run the race, and receive the rewards that await you.


“Just dive off the high cliff straight into the
deep waters of prophecy, and the keys will guide you to the treasure chest of My priceless message.”




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March 2022


(Blue Key) Activating the Final Key



March 2022


The False Prophet Revealed?


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