The Cost of Believing the Word

(Jesus speaking: ) If I tell you to believe, live and do it, it will cost you much –much pain, much rejection, and you will be asked to live it and do it. I don’t answer this question with a light heart. If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth, it will cost you.

So is it My will that you believe these certain words from Heaven?

If you are ashamed and deny and turn away from My words so you can “save your life,” this is a losing game. You have no excuse for not believing. But like with John the Baptist, I told him to see the fruits of My life; so must you research the testimonials and make them likewise available. (Matthew 11:2-6) Did this particular Word work and was it proven to be true?

Others are blind and turn away from the truth of the Gospel and the truth that the Creator of the world is the One behind it all. Can you say you are any better when you have so very much evidence to it being the Word of God and have seen  it benefit the lives of so many? Will you likewise turn away because it is “an hard saying”?

Don’t go into it lightly, for what you do will affect both you, your mate and all those who are associated with you and with the Word of God. But you can only be an overcomer if these words be in you and abide.  Living or dying has no effect on the usefulness of your life. You can be just as, if not more fruitful, by giving your life all the way, than if you lived on.

If it is true, then it will bear fruit, whether you live or die. If it is not true, the same it is –it will not bear fruit even if you live to be a million. No matter what you put your hand to, it will in some way perish or flourish according to the truth of what you believe and how God-ordained it was. I bring the increase; I bring the fruit.

If you choose to believe and to shine out the truth and the Words I have poured out and continue to do so, it will continue to be a painful process. I tell you no lies that entreat you to think anything wonderful will come about if you follow My Words—which is Me. Are you up for it? I think not. You waver; you quit when the going is tough. You listen to your adversary. You don’t really know if it’s true.

But if it’s not true, then your life is of no avail. You have given your all for nothing; and if you quit believing, then it truly was for nothing. A failure or a martyr–which will you be? Lose to the world or lose the race?


(Jesus speaking: ) The battle is upping, so you’ll fall by the way in a million ways if you aren’t right on track with the team that is and that has trained you. Are you going to be a casualty or a sufferer for the cause of Christ?

He that is not ashamed of Me and My Words will I not be ashamed of.


“The Word makes you want to forsake the world.

Loving the Word makes the World want to forsake you.

Loving the world makes you want to forsake the Word.

The world and the Word of God are at sWORDs points.

They cannot abide by each other..”

Do you want to go to beginner school for a long time… or do you want to graduate with honors? “Graduate” in more ways than one. Will you be willing to die for the love of My truth? It’s hard to give up your life, but so many are being called on to do it.

I’ll take you into My arms as a winner and lavishly reward you if you die for the love of the truth; or I’ll take you in My arms as you fall, after having fallen away from the mission you were called on to do. I’ll heal you and reward you for what you did, but it won’t have the same feeling as it would have if you had died for faith instead of dying in fear and cowering in the shadows.



The Happy End

“The keys are a direct extension of Me. They are living; they absorb My power, and are the conduit used to bring My power into the situation and to accomplish My will in it. Stand strong in the power of the keys, command them to work on your behalf, and they will accomplish that which they are sent to do.”



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