USED crab under rock

Because the storm is getting wild

“As these days get more turbulent, my love, they will sweep you away if you don’t make the effort to come under the Rock and spend time with your lovers. Yes, we are all lovers in this great kingdom of love. We gather round our King of Love and have so much fun together. We play in love, and we love deeply, intimately…far beyond what you experience on earth when you love someone intimately. Yet, even if only a taste, the drinking in of love’s liqueur can make you pretty high at times. But there is more that you can experience if you come under, deep under, the Rock, like a small crab looking for refuge from the raging storm that creates great turbulence below the surface. The storm is sure picking up, but just like what happened yesterday afternoon when the storm hit your house, you will only end up getting a good fresh dose of cool, heavenly rain. Storms can get pretty wild. First they blow this way, and then they blow that way; you can get blown about and even swept away if you aren’t under the Rock.

But if you have prepared your house well, you can sit there peeking out at all the madness and debris. But those that did not prepare well will be blown and buffeted about by those unruly, tempestuous blasts. You needn’t fear that wind; it is simply Satan having his last blow. It’s his last gasp really, at least for another thousand years. Then he’ll be given another chance to see what he can pick up and blow around during the last and final sifting.

So sit tight where our Husband has put you all and just listen and do…do what? Do exactly what you are told to do …that’s not too difficult, is it? As for the doing, well, the Keys are there, and as you know, they have the power to open any door that is necessary, just as soon as the need requires filling.”


“The cry will grow louder and more forceful as the days of man’s rule fall deeper into perdition. The Words of David, the Words of God, will be fulfilled; a great and mighty army will be raised to defeat the enemy in these last days.”

USED putin in egypt

VIDEO “Out Of Memphis”

“The keys enable heavenly thought power to take place more effectively. Call on the keys for full possession and for My heavenly thoughts to rule and reign in you.”




USED The world has reached a dead end     On the Cusp of Tribulation

     Is The Great Tribulation Upon Us?



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