The world can only dream of what Jesus gives His true bride.

For those folks that aren’t too familiar with our blog site, I thought it might be helpful to explain how we arrived at the point we are at now. It’s not too detailed but it should give you an idea of why at this point in time we are still following the Words of David and are now posting articles about the last three and a half years and of entering the wilderness spoken of in Revelation 12.  

We began posting blogs in 2018 after coming to the realization that the Reboot wasn’t the end of the road for the followers of the Words of David and Maria, but in fact a readjustment period, a time to “float our faith.” I think that was one adage used by leadership at the time those mailings were presented. It’s been a plod, but we’ve been posting the Words of David and Maria and our personal prophecies since that time in a small attempt to rekindle what was lost in the hearts of many during the post-Reboot years.

Our personal belief is that in general the message gathered from the Reboot mailings was misconstrued by most if not all members of TFI. The message we began to see come to light in our lives since “rediscovering” the Words of David was this: The prophetic Words of David and Maria still remain preparation courses for Endtime discipleship, and they were freely given by God to those who felt called and chosen. In publishing the Reboot letters Peter and Maria essentially abdicated their positions as king and queen, but more importantly Maria abdicated her position as Wine taster, therefore the anointing to discern the taste of the varied wines being distilled by Family prophets was lifted and consequently the children were set free to follow as the spirit led them. We as the Children of David have every right to possess the full Infostore library. You will have to forgive me if I don’t see this elephant the way you do.

All that to say, we believe we are still Endtime prophets, and as we watch events unfolding on the world stage, we realize that Endtime events that David spoke of  during his life have not stalled or been put on the back burner. We are, in fact, very much on track to the eventual End, which is the return of our King and Husband, Jesus. We believe in the spiritual interpretation of the third temple, not in a literal rebuilding. We believe we are in the last three and a half years of man’s rule on earth, which means the Great Tribulation has begun, the Mark of the Beast is in place and the Antichrist has been revealed. That is why we are sharing the Word and prophecies on operating in the wilderness. (Revelation 12) If you have no idea how we arrived at this conclusion, then please go to our main menu, (top of page) and click on our index page and browse the different key words on the Endtime, Thank you.

If you’re having a hard time putting aside the work and the things of Earth, call on the keys and they will clear your mind and block out everything else, making it possible for you to enter into My Spirit relaxed and ready to be restored.

DECEMBER 22, 2022…prophecy

“When you enter in at the gate, it is not quite the same as passing through a normal door. There is an aura –like a thin veil or film that covers the entrance; this you must pass through. It is a cleansing bath that washes away the sticky goo of the world which stains the spirit of a man. The aura is beautiful. It is blue in color and can be pictured as a mist or at times a liquid; its appearance and texture varies for different people. Its purpose is to cleanse you of the clinging things of the world in preparation for the in-fitting requirements for wilderness travel. The world is a dirty place; it is physically dirty and spiritually dirty. You might compare passing through the aura to a trip out of the city to a lovely wilderness area, for example, a lake or forest or a deserted sandy beach. You feel that dirty city spirit being washed from you as you leave the city perimeter. The more remote the area, the more beauty you see. Wild animals might begin to appear as your spirit soars and you praise the Creator of such a wonderful place. Looking into the sky at night can give you a similar experience, but on a lesser scale, simply because you can’t enter into that space like you can enter a wilderness area. You are simply looking in, yet still that experience can be enough to lift your spirit.

Now that I have your mind on the feeling you have when entering the wilderness, I want you to meditate on it for a bit. The feeling comes due to the cleansing effect that a person passes through when entering the Spirit of God. However, it is not just a feeling but a state of mind, heart and spirit. It is a real thing, and you are actually strengthened. You are undergoing a type of union with your Creator and it makes you want to praise and respect Him. The praise you feel is a weapon; it washes those cling-on spirits from off of your spirit. Whenever you feel them starting to latch on again –and they will, in an attempt to gain entrance to your heart through your mind and drag you back to the cesspool– all you have to do is start praising the Creator. The weapon of loving Him intimately is a deeper form of praise, and you should use it as much as possible. In fact, you should desire this intimacy above all things, because it is the only way to enter deeper into His Spirit. Praise is the Key to deeper intimacy; it is the first key. Wilderness travel isn’t a walk in the park that only lasts until you are hungry or tired so you turn off the path and head home. Wilderness travel in the last days is a lifestyle. This is where you are going to stay until Jesus returns, so you’d better learn the ropes, the do’s and do not’s. You’ve been told that praise is one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal… well, believe it, and use it, because as I said, there is no turning off the path to head home. This is your home from now on. When you are hungry or in need of something, praise will either help bring that need to you or will help you to just forsake it –for the moment or even altogether.  

There are two ways to travel through the wilderness: you can travel like Moses did, or you can travel like the children of Israel did. As I said, wilderness travel is not a walk in the park. You have to forsake the leeks and garlic; you have to be prepared to let go a lot of things. The trinkets, fluff and bubble of the world, cannot be dragged across the Jordan. It’s better to drop them over the side of the boat, because once you get to the other shoreline, you will be required to forsake them anyway. If you ever feel like a feast of roast quail and it’s not available right then and there, then use that weapon of praise to lift you right out of the pit those cling-on’s are trying to throw you into. Don’t, for a minute, think that there are no beasts and wild things in the wilderness of God’s Spirit, because they are out there. Yes, Satan was and still is a creation of God and until such a time as this war is over, he, Satan, still has access to the disobedient, and even to the obedient at times. If you find this hard to understand, remember Jesus’ experience in the wilderness. Remember some of the tribes Moses and his people met along the way to the Promised Land. Don’t enter the wilderness area unprepared. We are your guides, so don’t forget to take us along. You may never see us until you reach journey’s end, but you never know, on occasion you may just catch a glimpse of one or two of us during an arduous part of your trek, or perhaps when you are taking a break and not expecting a surprise visit, you’ll see us sitting beside you or taking our turn on guard duty as we surround your camp.

Praise is just one of the weapons available to wilderness walkers, and I only lightly touched on intimacy with Jesus, but you have the Keys to all the doors you’ll need in this short time that is left. I have to go now. Thanks for listening. Here is a gift I’d like to leave with you before I close my little window to your world. I love you dearly and am really looking forward to full contact just as soon as all this is over.

(Link to the Illustrated PDF “Keys are our wilderness”)

USED Key of Power

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Entering in at the Portal Gate

(Jesus speaking:) Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of man the things that I have in store for you. These are not just vain boasting or false promises, but I say to you, all the promises that I’ve given to you, the children of David, will come true–each one. There will be a day when you will look back and marvel that you ever questioned or doubted, for My power will pour forth from the halls of Heaven in a gushing torrent now that I’ve anointed you with this fresh new anointing as you enter this new era of time.”


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