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“Step out into the vast open space of the Spirit that lies before you. Don’t even try to expand your box of reasoning; step out and over those broken pieces into the wonder of reality, which is open wide before you like a great archway leading to newer, brighter, and more colorful Worlds. Be like the chick, which doesn’t seek to enlarge its egg but simply breaks through it and steps out, following its God-given instincts to reach out for Light and freedom. And so emerge, a whole new creature, in a whole new World–or perhaps the same one, but now everything is clearer, the colors are more vibrant, and your eyes can see further… you can see and feel so much more of that World which you thought you knew so well.

How do you know My ways? For My ways are higher than yours and My thoughts than your own thoughts. How do your eyes see and your ears hear about the things I have prepared for you who love Me? By stepping out of your own mind–your box of reasoning and experience–and stepping into My mind, the One that doesn’t have walls or ceiling, and truly believing that there are no impossibilities when holding My hand.

When things happen to you that don’t make sense, your mind starts to build a box around you, and your reasoning begins to create scenarios that enclose your spirit and stop it from grasping the true nature of what’s happening. But it’s just Me all along, guiding you step by step along this path to freedom. What am I trying to free you of or free you into? First I’m trying to free you of the carnal mind, which is the great barricade that separates Spirit from Flesh, Man from Me. So many things you do, so many things you think–even if by habit alone–are carnal in nature, or if put more bluntly, impossible by nature. You look at situations and you think, “How is this possible? How did it turn out like this?” Not realizing that I am the God of the Impossible –in all senses of the word. I create the impossible and send the impossible, so that I can do the impossible–for you! I created this whole life so that we could get closer together and bond like never before. I understand, of course; it’s not always the impossible you fear but the subsequent pain you might have to feel when going through the impossible. It’s not easy; the pain, discomfort, and frustration all make the impossible look very unattractive. But I know what tools will best break that box you’re in, so I ask you to trust and praise Me and look at things from My perspective.” (submitted)


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