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“It is given unto the Brides of Christ to know all things, even here and now in this earthen plane. For we have the Mind of Christ, and it searches all things, yea, even the deep things of God that have been hidden since the very foundation of this World! It is given to you, oh Bride of the Heavenlies, to open the seals and look, to come and see and to behold the secrets of Heaven. It is given to you, even now. So do not stop at the door. Do not close your eyes again and go away. Open thou thine eyes and behold wondrous things out of His Mind! For you have been given a Key.. and you have been shown a mystery. Behold, the Pavilions of the Power of God! Behold, the Libraries of the Power of God! Take this precious gem, this Key of Blueness, and ask what ye will. Probe the mind of Christ and go deeper than the surface of the things you can see. Call on the Keys to open your eyes and to release the hidden channels of Faith within each one of you. There is so much we wish to tell you, so many secrets we want to let you know. You are the maidens of David; you are the ones who have also received a portion of his mantle. Therefore it is also given to you–just as it was given to him–to know the mysteries of the Spirit, and to have all the wisdom of the ages, and to peer into things which have hitherto been sealed. The books are opening. This last Chapter is for you. Its silvery pages are before you; sealed with a blue seal crested with gold. Who is worthy to take the book and to loose the seal and to look therein? Yea, only the Maidens of David.” (submitted)



“Azoria, Blue Angel: If you want to be the Bride of Christ, then this crown is for you. That’s who it’s for, the Bride, the beloved of the Lord. These crowns are your status. They are the position and person you are fighting to be. Reach and desire, for having these crowns of life is having Jesus as your Groom. That’s what you are fighting for, to be His Bride, His intimate, His Queen. Only royalty get crowns, so Jesus can only give this priceless treasure, which even those in Heaven desire, to these His tried and purified ones. This is what will keep you through the days ahead; this is what will be held out in front of you, the awesome realization that you are a Bride of Jesus. This is what will keep you warm and safe through the stormy nights ahead–the tender glow of His deep love for you and His desire to have you as His. It’s like He’s holding the wedding ring out in front of Him, beckoning you to come, to come and be His Wife, His Dove, His Undefiled! Through sweat and blood you race to that mark, that prize, that high calling! Only the tried and proven can be His close intimates. None other will do. This Heavenly treasure is not given to the lukewarm. Not all in Heaven can say they are the Bride of Christ, maybe still brides-in-training, but not real Brides. There is something so special about this Earth time, something that will only be given once but will go on and on into the annals and archives of eternity! The prize is before you. Hold it fast…” (submitted)


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Generators of God

When you join your spirit with Mine, we become one for a time. In that time, a part of Me is intertwined with your own spirit and you carry a part of Me within you. The Keepers of the Power of Heaven (also known as the Blue Beings or Blue Angels), can help to teach you of the full power and joy of intimacy with Me. They have become so joined to My Spirit that I am in every way their life, their nourishment, their very existence. You each have a blue spirit being assigned to you, and if you ask them, they can help to teach you the ways of intimate love with Me. This is the first step, and it opens the door to all the power of the universe.”

(Art of War, The, Part 3 [#3558])


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