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Faith is actually a stand you make because of your belief.

“You take a stand of faith on some truth, based on My love and My Word. Your stance may not always be so sure. Maybe you’re “pretty sure” My Word works, but your faith is wavering a little in a particular situation that I put you in. My goal is often to strengthen your faith in My Word, so I must sometimes allow your faith to be tested.
I try you in the fire to see what sort of stand you are going to make, allowing you to experience things to test your faith. When you make a stand of faith, I often turn up the heat a little bit, a little at a time, to see if you will ratchet up your faith accordingly.
You see, real gold faith does not give up. It may waver a little, you might be tempted to be fearful, but when all is said and done, there is a seed deep in the center of your heart, a deep stance that you are making. If you truly believe in Me and My Word, if this is the deep root in your heart and if this is the seed from which your entire life emanates, then it will survive the fire. Why? Because faith is immovable, indestructible, able to withstand any amount of heat, and able to quench and stop anything that is thrown at it. It’s as simple as that.

Now, in your life on Earth, is the time for you to exercise your faith, to develop it like a muscle, to let it grow. The value of enlarging your faith and cultivating it is of inestimable value in the spirit world. Your faith will last eternally. That’s one reason being born into a life on Earth is such a privilege and why you should use your time there wisely, because it is a stage of existence where you can determine your rewards and your status and develop as much value as you want to have here.

So if you have faith in Me deep within you, nothing can displace it. But often My children are weak and wavering in faith. The true seed is there, but I need it to grow into the full plant-first the seed, then the stalk, then the ear in the stalk to where it is bearing fruit. I work with your faith. I take it where it’s at, and I work on it. I allow a little trial here and a little trial there, and if it is true faith and you take the proper stand upon it, if you feed your faith with My Word‚ each trial strengthens your faith.
Look at Abraham-he was going to become the “father of faith” for all time. He had the seed of faith in him, but he himself didn’t know how strong it was. I finally brought him to the point where I gave him the ultimate test, because he had to know, and I had to know, that his faith was that strong. He had to know that he was willing to give up even the very fruit of the promise, knowing that I would still keep My promise, somehow, someway. He had to trust, even though he couldn’t see how I would fulfill My promise. He had to be blind to the possibility of failure. If faith can’t ignore the possibility of defeat and keep going, then it isn’t faith.
Faith requires a period of unquestioning perseverance, unswerving trust, before it sees the results, and this period is called endurance. Remember, some of My martyrs refused deliverance that they might obtain a better resurrection. They chose to endure the fire and the persecution so that their rewards would be greater.
Remember, the trying of your faith is more precious than gold. I don’t allow you to be tested because I want you to suffer. I allow it because I know the seed is there, the true seed, and I want to teach you to give up all in order to make your stand on it‚ so that when you come here to be with Me, you will have a reward that is much more valuable than gold is in your world.
 (Art Of War, The, Part 2 [#3533])

“Remember, faith is the true coinage of the realm, and the quantity and amount of faith you have when you come here is going to be of real value to you.”


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  1. Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list… I am learning the Truth of why we must go through spiritual battles, so that our gold is ready to be given. My gold is still being refined… and yet, there is an Epiphany of His Glory when his gifts are purified and made ready. This morning, I had to fall on my face before Him and confess my pride and my selfish desires for acclaim, and then I read your post. Now I see why I am only beginning to learn, and for that I am most grateful: AMEN JESUS!

    1. Thank you Jesus and we thank God for your life. “Love Me intimately, calling on the power of the keys, and it will enhance and magnify My promises unto you, My intimate brides.”

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