USED red dried beans

The lusts of the eyes, the pride of life and the deceitfulness of riches…prophecy from a young person

“You need to love Me more. Remember, when you’re loving Me it’s because you want My Word seeds. So do it with your whole heart. But ahhh, how your wooing urges Me on, how it excites Me, how it makes Me want to love you all the more! The way you cry for My strength and for Me to wrap My arms around you. Look into My eyes now. It’s the truth. I’m not just giving you these words to make you feel better. I really love you a whole lot, and I want to show you, if only you would let Me. I would give you the love you so desire! Remember, sweet bride, it’s the spirit, only the spirit that’s true reality, only the spirit really matters. All else can fall away. As long as you have the spirit, all of earth and even heaven can pass away, but you’ll keep holding onto the spirit. The things you see around you are fake. The lusts you have within you are only for a time; they don’t last, and they don’t truly satisfy either. You want freedom; you want the perfect life. You want it all! Ha! Join the club; the whole world wants those things too, and are they getting them? No, not even the elites, because their lives are so full of deviltry and demons that they can’t enjoy any of their so-called riches. Satan promises them so much, but as always, his weak, useless promises are hollow and fall flat! They will see soon enough.

Question: “But we’re serving You and giving our all to You and not partaking of any little thing from this world, so why can’t you at least supply food that I like.. why can’t we just have some rice? Or is this just another test, another lesson?”

“What do you mean, another test, another lesson? Have you forgotten the purpose of your trip down here? It’s all about learning! So the more ways I can get you to learn something, the happier you should be. Every little thing you see or do should teach you something. You’re a child of David, you should be looking for things to practice your skills on –targets and dummies to practice your aim on, and occasionally a demon to make sure your weapons are as powerful as they need to be. So when you feel like yummy food, but all that’s for lunch is beans, with so little oil, take out the weapon of praise and light up the darkness the enemy’s trying to cover you with. And by light up, I mean TNT! Let’s show this devil who he’s messing with! And when your soul is crying out to hold and be held in the sweet, warm embrace of love, come to Me, the God and Creator of Love, and I’ll make love within you so deeply that you won’t be interested in the things of Earth anymore. Do you want Me to do that? I’ll gladly give it to you. If you are desperate enough, I will pour it out to you in full measure. My sweet love, keep fighting! But really, dear, how much have you fought against evil? How much pain have you gone through? How long have you been at this? And you’re already getting weary!! Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, My friend, in your struggle against this world. What are you gonna do when the horsemen come, huh? ..if these footmen are straining you. I know you can fight this; you don’t just have to give in to the complaints that fill your head! Get sooo deep into My world that you don’t even want the fleeting pleasures of this world. Get so close to Me that all you can see is Me! I love you and I’m expecting you to fight and endure for Me more readily than you are now. And another thing: all this “suffering”, as you call it, is also for your sample. People here think that white people have money and are different from them. But when they see you doing the same things as them: farming, washing laundry, preparing local food, going to the market, and now you’re even suffering with them and having to cut back just as much, if not more than them. They see it and they respect it. So keep being faithful, for that is what I expect of My servants more than anything, that ye be found faithful! I love you! I am always right by your side! Keep fighting, My precious one!” –Your greatest admirer, Jesus!

Submitted by Josh (16)