blue covering angel


Prophecy, Jesus speaking;

“Now more than ever before, it seems that the mind battles are real defeatist ones. They make you to feel so low and dismal and try to keep you on the lowly plains of ‘It can’t be done’. You feel like it’s so tiring and endless –that this earth life is overwhelmingly dull and lifeless and pointless. But that’s the enemy’s way right now. He’s trying to wear you down, right as you come so close to the End of it all! He sees you fight in prayer and it enrages him, so he is unleashing multiple attacks to dishearten and discourage you, to halt that fiery fighting spirit, to stop you from using those keys of 6.66 and messing up his plans. You are successfully turning the tables and getting souls off his frequency and onto Mine! Right in his very strongholds! Are you surprised then that he would attempt to send his devilish juju* emissaries at you? Then he hits you with computer breakdowns, and top it off,  you hear about the state of the deluded old guard who have put down the words of the Endtime prophet. You are feeling discouraged and weary of this earth life –it is so rotten. Yes, how we all wish for the seventh thunder when time will be no more! Soon, My Warrior brides, very soon now!  Keep fighting in prayer to make it be so! As you do your part, the spirit army that you have set in action is mightily and powerfully doing theirs. Be not weary in well doing now, My valiant fighters! Do not entertain the lies of the enemy, for you are knocking swathes of devils, demons and imps off the paths to Gragau as we rescue many out of his filthy clutches and into My arms. Hallelujah! Wonderful, wonderful! So be anything but disheartened, My Prayer brides, but be ju- bilant!!(jujubilant) Keep up those Blue Key shields; they are the wall that will protect you against his onslaughts and at the same time enable you to hit him hard and send fireballs back on him! Remember, My loves, pray without ceasing now more than ever before! Your prayers are so very powerful and effective. You are wielding the Blue Keys and the Key of 6.66 and have released the armies of spirit help from Heaven for this last great harvest! So be not weary in well doing, for in due season you will be ecstatically happy for holding on and following hard after Me! Be brave now, Warrior Band! So much depends on your prayers and your fighting spirit! Never give up, never give in! (End of prophecy) *juju: African black magic

“You are those stones spoken of in Luke 19:40- if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out. So you see, My Key Share, you must cry out. Be not as those that have turned their backs; be as those that desire their fire to be ignited. And let those that close their mouth come out to see you burn” (MB’s “Blueprint for the Final Hour” compilation)

  The darkness of the Enemy, as powerful as it may seem, is no match for the power of the Keys of 6.66. So we use them now to destroy and annihilate the powers of darkness.

  Cheer us on, O Heavenly courts, and send your fastest runners to perform at our behest, for we have called on the keys of greater faith and the Blue Keys–the power that our Husband has given us.

  The keys are unstoppable! We know that all power is given to us in Heaven and on Earth. So we claim the Keys of 6.66 for absolute victory.

  Jesus, cause the Blue Keys of 6.66 to rock the very foundations of Hell as we use their full power in prayer right now against the demons that fight us.

  The spiritual powers of the netherworld must bow to the power of the Key of 6.66 that You have given us. Jesus, make them surrender to our power!



“BOOM! That’s the sound of the key power of 6.66 blasting into the demons that are fighting us. We know they cannot withstand this kind of bombardment for long, and as we continue to fight in prayer they will be defeated.”

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