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I am a spiritual being, a spirit of attack, attacking the works of evil, attacking the spirits that hide behind their own shame, behind and under the earth!! So afraid are they of My children, the children of David, the children of the Most High. These are the first wife of Jesus, the ones who follow Him wherever he goes and love Him above all else: His elite forces. 

Do you remember the parable of the ten virgins?

But you, My little children and others that are still searching for their place in the army of Jesus, are the wise virgins. Remember to be wise and take time to make love to Jesus. In this way He will be able to fill you with His oily words that will keep your flame burning brighter and brighter for eternity. 

Another reason why these virgins did not go to sleep is because their Husband was giving them little clues on the time of His arrival, telling them about specific events that would show them a very clear path to the time of His coming. And because they had their lamps filled with oil, they could make light, and with that light they were able to find their way and read the signs on the road that marked the way to their destination. Those signs also tell the exact distance between  the sign and the end destination. 

So, please make sure to turn on your lamps and look at the signs by reading the Word and asking for new signs that will help you understand or interpret the already existing signs. 

I will be with you and talking to you more and more as the days go by. 

And another very important thing to do is to ask Jesus to give you the correct questions to ask to your spirit helpers. 

Claim the Keys of wisdom and receptivity, after that ask the questions that your spirit helpers tell you to ask, not the ones that you already want to ask. 

James 4:3

 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

That’s the truth. You don’t ask the correct questions; that’s why you are still a little bit lost. But Jesus loves you, and I do too. We know that you are still young children, but you love Him with all of your hearts. So, keep on showing that you love Jesus by taking these words seriously, for the war is getting hot, and the night is getting darker. 

Be not afraid, only believe. 

Excerpt taken from Part 30 of “To My Elites”

“Five of them were wise, but the other five were foolish because they didn’t love Jesus or know Him at all. They didn’t take their time to get to know Him and make love to their husband. That’s why they didn’t trust Him because they didn’t even know that He was a trustworthy husband. ” Read: Matthew 25:1-13


The Lamp

“When you can’t remember the specific name of one or you need the help of an angel that you don’t know by name, the key of angels supplies whatever angelic help you need.”





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  1. Thank you. The words of David are moving, a light in the darkness. Yes, Dear Lord, please help us to keep our lamps full of oil. Math. 22:37-40 & I Cor. 10:31. Amen

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