Staying faithful to the end



“Only with the power, wisdom and guidance that you will find when you search beyond the veil, will you have the ability to endure–and not only to endure, but to overcome.”  


“Men are all of like passions, and you, My loves, are no different –if you do not hold to My Word with all your earthly life! When you go against My will, when you seek more independence from Me and My ways because your flesh cries out that it is too hard, then the resistance rises up within you consuming you with …rebellion actually. That’s what it is. No different to Satan. He wanted something, not My will, and it ate at him, consumed him, till he told himself, convinced himself, that he deserved better. He became so discontent that his pride grew out of proportion and because he followed his desires, because he followed what he wanted, he lost his sight, he lost the light. Are you any different when instead of embracing My word, you seek to analyze and want proof of My authority to ask such and such of you?  I have promised you that I will freely give knowledge and understanding to those who follow the order. But this takes great humility and even greater yieldedness and submission to Me. It’s an unquestioning obeisance. And before the understanding comes, there must be obedience –many times to very difficult issues in your life. But this is My plan; this is My path for you; to your new reality. It is the way; it is the life of My future leaders and commanders of the people. It is your test, My wonderful youth army of David. You must first and foremost grab a hold of the keys of obedience without demanding any understanding of why I require such seeming tearing away of your most precious desires.”

People of the world demand and push their way and seem to get what they want. They want the ‘power’ to rule their own lives and make their own decisions and have their independence, away from Me!  But they have chosen for the here and now, thinking they are such giants because they control their own destiny. Eve was hasty. Eve became familiar with her Shangri-la and wanted more than peace and tranquility of mind and spirit. With the lust for more, whatever that might be, she sought to be able to control her own destiny, no longer content to be lowly of heart; no longer happy to flow with the river of My spirit, but wanting to choose how her stream ebbed and flowed. She wanted to understand why it was the way it was. The enemy implanted questions which turned to doubts and discontentment. She was no longer willing to obey Me out of simple love and unquestioning obedience of whatever I asked of her; to be a lowly handmaiden, a tender, a servant, My love slave. You are no different when you question and get angry at Me and My ways. It is simply pride, My loves, and it is My test to you, just as it was to Job and all My closest confidantes. You must hold tightly to the Key of obedience, and I must see and know that ultimately that is exactly what you will do. Then it will be My decision to give you more understanding to all the reasons why, or at least some of them. I will slowly but surely reveal secrets to you, deeper magic of the higher reality of the spirit world. When you let go of these physical weights, you will be taken higher into the spirit. There you will be freer, freer to understand and thus be used more of Me. And this is what I am doing with you, My beautiful brides. My eyes are on you as you seek Me and find Me out. You will be known as the Key wielders, remember? Can you imagine that through your obedience you have access to the key of Heaven that has all the power you need?

I have made a way for you, My darlings. Of course I have, and why would I not? I love you, you My creation, why would I make you to suffer with no way of escape. You just need to follow the order! Choose Me; choose My way, and I will open the doors that need opening for you. I will take you out of the void you find yourself in right now, out of your darkness and bring you into the warmth and beauty of My light. Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you, and ye shall be witnesses unto Me. My dove is gentle and is easily shooed away if you try to strive yourselves and stamp your foot and fight against Me. You will not have the strength, My darlings. So bring Me all your ‘treasures’; lovingly and willingly lay them at My feet and humble yourselves under My mighty hand. And I will make you as the stars forever and ever, and I will endow you with understanding and wisdom and give you My Keyes to see, as a reward for your sacrifices of obedience, My beautiful Brides. I love you so very much. (End of prophecy)

Update on 2022…from the MO letter “The Revelation of the Beast” #2501  “SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN SIGNS”…PODCAST





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