Sailing home

Why are ye downcast, O My soul?

Is it because you have your eyes on the creation and not the Creator? Do you trust Me for each meal, each hour, each breath? This is why I allow sickness; it keeps man praying, always looking to Me for his salvation. I want to be your all in all. I want to be your every thought and every prayer, so I allow these tests in order to get your eyes off of the things on earth and onto Me. If you are fretting, then you are not trusting yet. If you trust, then you are not heard to fret. So lay your burden at My feet and fear not the reproaches of man and his ways, for the way of man is death. His way is the way of flesh, to push and sweat and labor for the meat which perishes. Your way is the way of the spirit: trusting, smiling as you enter the storm, resting with Me at the stern of the boat, knowing that our Father has all things in His hand and under control. It is more important to spend time with Me, communing together, than to be looking out into the darkness, wondering what perils are out there waiting to devour you and our boat. Rest with Me; draw your shawl around your shoulders. I am watching the storm. I have My eyes on the waves, and the wind is at My command. Do not fret, dear. Trust and be at peace, for the night has come. The hour of temptation is upon the world of men to try their souls. I will see to the storm sail; I will tend the tiller. I will captain your bark through the storm and on into the safe haven at the break of dawn. Just take your rest; there is yet a little ways to go and we will be home safe.



I knew the storm was coming,

I saw the troubled sea,

I sent you out tho’ night t’was looming,

For all was planned, you see.


I pushed your boat from water’s edge

And watched you set your sail,

With knowing smile I waved farewell,

As storm whipped up a gale.


My eyes on you thru waning light,

I saw the tempter coming,

From lair in dark deepening night

I saw your hour was coming.


I turned to mountainside to pray.

For I knew I would be calling,

To you across the wind swept sea,

For all was planned you see.


So step out on the water,

In this, the final hour,

I’ll calm the storm clouds sweeping,

In our Father’s power.


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