when all lights go out

Submitted by a young adult

Jesus speaking:

“Come out of her, My darling. Take My hand and let Me carry you up and out. I have carried you as a whole onto the steps of this door to the wilderness of the spirit and even now do you experience the wonders of the world to come. Through the mists of the gate you feel the breezes of the freedoms that I have waiting for you. You see the sights; you experience some of the magic of the wilderness. But there is yet more. Look beyond this dry wilderness, where all is possible. Look to the mountains and beyond. Behold the light that shines on for eternity and for eternity to come. That is the light of My City. You stand at the gate of halfway to heaven land; you experience its magic, but you must now come in deeper. It must be each one’s personal choice and faith to step past the thin veil of shimmering glass and enter the portal. There is no turning back; this is what lies ahead upon the road for all My pilgrims as they make their way to that Great City, the City of Light, My Celestial City. This is the high road, and all who choose to forsake their ways to take up Mine may pass through this last gate into halfway-to-heaven land. Yet those who choose to hold onto their own ideas, their own will and ways, those who cannot make this choice due to their own choosing, must take the path that leads down, the low road, the way that leads through the valley of the shadow of death. It is a hard road to walk, as you know, for all must pass through these valleys on their journey. Yet at this time, at this crucial point in time I give each of My children another way. It is not a way out of the world altogether, yet though they face deviation, guns and bullets, famine and war, yet shall they walk above the valley. They shall see in but they shall walk above. And I shall feed them, and they in turn shall pass down the waters of life to those who walk in the valley, and they shall quench their thirst.

Now is the time to throw off the chains that bind you and enter through the portal that I have set before you. Each one of you will step through at a different level, for not all have walked the same road, but all who say yes to Me are welcome. And according to your faith, and according to your willingness I will keep you, and I will help you, and I will be for you what you cannot be for yourself. You see yourselves as unworthy, as unexperienced, as unlearned, as but a child. But I say unto you: say not that you are a child, for I shall put My words into your mouth, and I will put My heart into your heart, and I will take away the flesh that My spirit might shine through you as a bright star in the midst of gross darkness. And I will give you wings of an eagle, and I will carry you when you cannot carry yourself. All I need is a willing heart, a heart that is yielded to Me. For I know your frame, I know each one’s frame. Do not think that I am not prepared for this time or that I have chosen the wrong ones for this great task. And lo, the task is great, but it will not be you who walks amongst them. For I will make you a flaming torch in My hand, and a defensed city and an iron pillar, and they shall fight against you, but they shall not overcome you. For behold, I am with you, and it is I that shall fight for you and through you and in you and all the world will know that there is a Living God. Be not afraid of their faces for I am with you. Step now through the gates into the the wilderness that awaits you. Fear none of the things that lie ahead, for what are they unto Me. For behold, none shall be able to stand against you, and though the towers fall and the Earth be moved from its place, I will still be with you, and you shall be in My hands.

Yes, even this small thing that I ask of you now is impossible for you. You know your frame; you see your faults and your failing, and you feel so inadequate. But I say again, look not upon your own frame… It will not be you who will do all that I am asking of you. It will not be by your own might or power but by My spirit. I am not asking the impossible, for with Me all things are possible. Yes, for the flesh it is impossible, for in sin were you born and from your childhood till now you remain but a corrupt being. Look past the flesh, look to the spirit. Open your all to Me. Give Me yourself. Say yes unto Me and let Me come in unto you.

(Me:) I know now what that means, Jesus, and it’s so hard to say yes. When I was young, it was easy. I’d say “Yes, I’ll give you all” –as if I knew what it felt like to give you everything of me, as if I knew what death felt like. Now I’ve had a taste and, sweet Jesus, I feel too weak to walk this road. But I don’t want to fail you. It seems like there is something inside of me that is pushing me to make the step. To say yes to You means laying down everything I love; no plans, no will, no desires of my own, nothing but total service… I know that once I’ve passed through the pain, I will find that total joy that You’ve spoken of. I want to make You proud, but the breaking, the loss, the death! Am I able, Lord…?

(Jesus:) Not you, but I… I love you, My darling. And it is this love that drives you onward and will see you through and at last across the finish line. I understand the fear you feel; I too felt this fear as I prayed in the garden that night. But I’m not going to ask you to have the grace for all that you will face all at once. I know that you can’t do it. All I want is for you to look Me in the eyes and say yes to this first step. It is our love for one another that will see you through to the finish. So can you say yes just for this one step despite all that may oppose you? Do you love Me? …You know I love you beyond measure.

(Me:) Yes, Jesus, I love you. You satisfy me. When I’m with you I feel totally complete. When you hold me in Your arms I know that this is real, this is where I want to be and this is the meaning to life. So I say yes. Help me to do my part to fulfill whatever requirements You ask of me in order to step through and walk through this wilderness. I can’t do this on my own; I’ve failed too many times. I’m too weak, but I want to do it for You…

(Jesus:) Then take My hand, sweet one, and I will lead you through. I will show you the way in which you must go. I will show you where you must place your feet; I will be with you as you take each step. And if you should stumble or go astray, I will remain faithful. I will bind your wandering heart to Me, and as a strong cord I will pull you back upon the path I have set for you. So take heart, look to Me. Remember the love we share, for it shall be for you as a light when all other lights go out. And take that which is in your hand, hold it out before you and walk onward. Never put it down, hold it out before you always. For with these Keys you shall open all heaven, and bind all hell. You’re not alone, so walk not alone, reach forth an avail yourself of the experience of all the ages. Great shall be My spirit in you as you yield your all to Me. Now is the time of the wilderness, now is the time to bridge the gap between heaven and Earth. You’re My keys, you’re the completion of My church, and with you, I will open the portal between the worlds. So walk on faithful, be not afraid, for I will do it all through you. Carry My words proudly and faithfully on to the end. I love you…” (End of prophecy)

USED Jesus in wilderness


More Than Necessary Food

The spiritual realm is true; it has another dimension to it that you just can’t understand in your natural, carnal mind. It’s very important for you to realize this truth. Otherwise you open yourself up to strong delusion; you start believing something that isn’t true in order to justify your choice in your thinking.”


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