Prophecy bites

What snare?

The snare of willfully wanting their own way. If they always want things only their way, they are caught and trapped. They aren’t free to do things My way, or to do things only for the good of others. They are addicted to self-satisfaction. And that is a very hard habit to kick. It’s almost impossible for someone to really break free from this, without a pretty big kick in the right direction; a “Kick start” to propel them into the uncomfortable zone of true “freedom”.

Why do people get so easily trapped and stay connected to comfort zones? Why do they choose confinement and regulations over real freedom? It’s addiction to self-pleasure. But what did I say to real freedom followers, fighters for the faith? “In the world ye shall have tribulation”. So if you aren’t having that, aren’t having “tribulation” but things seem very calm and relaxing and easy to get along with, are you still fighting for the faith and freedom of others any longer?

Those who are truly free either fought for it, or are in the middle of battle now—battling the ways their sneaky self tries to trap them into doing things that are only for their own (dis) comfort, for it will never prove to be always and only comfortable.

Is it hard to pull up camp and pack up your tent, say goodbye and move on? Yep. But that’s what living really is: a constant moving; a constant changing. It’s a “never stand still for too long” experience.


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