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Law of Love and the final key

“The LOL is not only a key but a major key, and therefore has to be lived and practiced as part of the final key being completed. The LOL can only be lived fully if you are using the other weapons of the spirit, and one of the major weapons is prophecy. How can My disciples live the way of Christ without listening to Me every day, all the day long? They can’t. They won’t be able to; therefore, they will not be living it properly. The LOL is My way, My Law. It is the Law of the future, so learning to live it now is giving you a major head-start for the big race ahead…the Millennium. I don’t need a big Gideon’s band to kick the devil off the face of the planet. But I do need an army to kick-start the millennium. I have the personnel for that, there are those that have had solid training and there are millions of well-trained and full-of-vision folks around Me here in the spiritual realm that will soon be set free and placed in all sorts of positions once the real work of the millennium begins. However, as we enter the last few days of the end, I don’t need those that can hold positions in a millennial town counsel or in a local or regional agricultural committee. I need front-line soldiers, those brave men and women that can lift up the torch of revolution and carry the key of the LOL over the line and in spirit insert it into the final key. This is the first leading to the last step before the new age dawns. Will I find faith upon the earth at My return? You see, these vital key components must be found, must continue till the end, and they will not carry themselves across the line; they must be carried by one or two or a few of My children. You have come this far by faith. You have the torch in your hands. Live the LOL within the boundaries of your capacity, by that I mean –do what you can to live it, do what you are able to do to bring the LOL key to the point where I will take over and insert it into the grand and final key, the Key that will open the door to the very end of man’s and satan’s rule on earth. You are called and chosen. All that remains is for you to be faithful to that calling. I love you and have your back. Keep fighting the good fight of love, My brides. It won’t be long now.”

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