A dream about faith and health

I dreamt that I was looking at all these different carefully-designed vaccination cards. They were a type of swipe card and looked like credit cards, but they were all very colorful and fancy, each designed with various patterns etc. Apparently each one was for a different vaccination. The sinister part however, was that everyone was expected to take each of the different vaccinations and had to prove it with the swipe card.  The vaccinations were being labelled as specific well-known communicable diseases, like polio, measles, chicken pox etc. I had the impression that it was simply an attempt to hide the now-suspect Corona vaccination; in other words, the contents of all the vaccinations were basically the same.

Prophecy: Health care is a perfect vehicle to push an agenda. The bigger the agenda, the bigger and more elaborate must be the program. Who in their right mind would dare expose human health as a cover for control over the human race? The national/international health care scheme is man’s Holy Grail. By destroying faith in Me and My power to heal and replacing it with faith in man’s health care systems (which are doctor, drug, medicine and vaccine dependent,) Satan has gained control of something that is more dear to man than his money; for what  will a man give in exchange for his life?

He has given up his faith in My promises; he continually pours exorbitant amounts of money into health insurance and health care schemes. He will, in the end of days, sell his soul to a devil-created yet self-imposed system to extend his life, even though this is not in his power to control, for I am the giver and taker of life.  And it is I who has the last say on all things pertaining to My creation.

Many are the enticements of Satan; money, religion, health, and freedom. For thousands of years Satan has been fine tuning his schemes of entrapment. It is well set and man is well caught.

I created man to love Me, for My pleasure, and My greatest pleasure is to pamper My creation. In the beginning I made a unspoiled earth and everything I put on the earth, including man, was created perfect, beautiful and eternal. Satan’s plan of inevitable destruction of My creation will be enacted when the whole world worships him as god. By worshiping the works of his own hands man has sold himself to the usurper. Man has lost his way, and as a slave, he is being led away to the salt mines of hell on earth. From birth to death man has given his life and all it contains into the hands of a few devious devils parading the earth as humans. These despicable ones find their disciples among the lower strata of humankind and together they built a false utopia, thinly veiled in the garb of “the good life”. Spiritually void of true Godly values, material man, living in his touch, feel and see world has been brain and heart washed of true faith in Me. Carnal man has reached a point where he has sold his soul for a card, nay a small embedded chip within the plastic card: a true representation of his plastic empty life within a plastic utopia.

You say you love Me, yet your life stands as testimony that you don’t. Come out from among them and be ye separate is what My Word directed you to do. That warning is thousands of years old, and yet stands unheeded still, as man’s faith in Me and My Word disappears from the hearts of all but a few. Did I not say that in the time of the end there would be a great falling away in faith? Behold I am at the door even now, knocking, pleading man to turn back from the abyss.

“Their god Satan and his lamb have taken away the faith of the world; so what follows? All the world will worship the dragon that giveth power to the beast, and he will rule in the hearts and minds and souls of the men of this world.”








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