THE WORD  MO #1089

HOW CAN THEY BECOME ALIENATED FROM THE LIFE OF GOD? (Ephesians 4:18.) It’s the Word! When they neglect the Word, they neglect the Lord! How can you become alienated from the life of God? What’s the analysis of that Scripture? What’s the meaning? How can you become separated from the Lord? It’s when you become separated from the Word, because He is the Word. You become separated from the Word, you become separated from the Lord.

AND THEN AGAIN YOU BECOME DARKENED IN YOUR UNDERSTANDING BECAUSE YOU HAVE REJECTED THE WORD & you’ve become separated from the Word, & the Devil sends you lies in its place & you believe the lies instead of the Word. Then finally you just get so hard, terribly hard, till you’re just absolutely past feeling. “He that hardeneth his neck after being often reproved shall suddenly be destroyed.” (Proverbs 29:1.)

MB: Did you notice that in the Reboot letters the Devil didn’t attack the Bible? He couldn’t do that because everyone would have woken up to what he was up to. No, he attacked the MO Letters. The MO Letters were the advanced Word that was needed for advanced disciples. He knew he couldn’t stop most of us altogether, but he could stop us from reaching our destiny. And that destiny lay within the Words of David. The Words of David and Maria were God’s instruction for advanced discipleship training. Going back to the Bible in effect stymied our progress and in some cases stopped it altogether. What was the argument for going back to the Bible? So that you could get better grounded in the basics? That’s a pretty convincing argument. But the reality is that the MO letters were giving us the right Bible knowledge for the course that we were taking; advanced discipleship training. There is nothing wrong with going back to the read the Bible, but there is a trick there, and Dad warned us of it. He said that it took him reading the Bible most of his life to learn what he needed to learn from it to head the Jesus revolution. So Jesus was using Dad as a shortcut. Jesus was using the Endtime prophet to get us where we needed to be before the End came. It was like we were on a specialized course. We weren’t just general students of the Word; we were in a leadership training course. We didn’t need to know every jot and tittle in the Bible. …But you know how pride is; we ourselves like to be that “source of knowledge.” So the Devil used our pride against us by holding us up against some of these theologians that Peter got into and we fell short in our general Bible knowledge course. So we go back to the Bible as was suggested in the Reboot, but in so doing, back out of the advanced-weapons course of prophecy, the Keys of the Kingdom and loving Jesus intimately, right before the real Endtime battles were due to begin.

Here is a testimony from an SGA in our home. It is a neat testimony that shines a different light on this whole Bible knowledge/jot and tittle thing. After a class the other day she was looking at her Bible, which was given to her by her dad when she was 17, and she realized her Bible was still in reasonably good condition. Which, you could say, means she has neglected her Bible studies. No so, because this SGA really has a lot of Bible stored in her heart. Where did she get that from? The MO letters and Bible memorization that Dad pushed; she read a lot of MO. And as I was saying earlier, MO was not some Sunday morning preacher. He was giving advanced discipleship training to people who had dropped out and were living the Word from the Bible –not just going to church lullaby classes once or twice a week and propagating green paper pigs the rest of the week.
I’m going to tell you something that you already know –understanding the Bible doesn’t come from simply reading the Bible once a week, or even every day. To understand the Bible, you have to be listening to the still small voice of God, and you have to then believe what that voice is telling you, and then you have to live what that voice is telling you. Because if you don’t, God will stop talking to you and the Devil will lull you back to sleep. –That little piece of knowledge came from MO– Okay, now lets get on with the rest of this MO letter. Keep in mind that when the word “Word” is mentioned, it is talking about the Bible but specifically about MO-letter Word. (end)

SO REALLY IT IS THE WORD & IT HAS TO DO WITH THE WORD, WHETHER YOU LIVE IN THE WORD OR NOT. This is what’s wrong with Christians, most Christians & the church Christians that you & I know. They never really read their Bibles daily or anything. They might have pulled a verse from the Promise Box or might have had a little tiny devotion or something, but hardly even that, most of them. They depended altogether on Sunday Church services to give them all the Word they needed for the week.

WHAT IS THE LIFE OF GOD? HE SAID, “THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK UNTO YOU, THEY ARE SPIRIT & THEY ARE LIFE”! (Jn.6:63.) That’s the life of God, it’s His Word, that’s what gives us life & food & nourishment & strength & spiritual health. When they get cut off from the Word it’s like cutting off their food, stopping the flow of nourishment. A lot of these backsliders never matured, they were still babes, really, they never got very deep.

WHEN THEY NEGLECT THE WORD, THEY NEGLECT THE LIFE OF GOD, BECAUSE THAT IS THE LIFE, HE IS THE WORD & THE WORD IS LIFE! “I am the Way, the Truth & the Life!” (Jn.14:6.) “The Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit & they are Life!” (Jn.6:63.)

I WAS TRYING TO THINK, NOW WHAT’S THE FORMULA THEY FOLLOW that finally completely estranges them & makes them go in a complete hard unfeeling backsliding & become hard? And that verse came to me right away which of course we used in “Backsliders Beware” (No.1045), “darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God, past feeling”. (Ephesians 4:18, 19.) But what does that mean & how do they get started? What is “alienated from the life of God”? How do they get out of fellowship with the Lord? How do they become separated from His life?

THE WORD IS THE SEED & THE SEED IS THE WORD! “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground & die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” (Jn.12:24.) In other words, it brings forth life. The seed, the Word, brings forth life. And if they become alienated from the Word they become alienated from life, spiritual life, from the Lord, because He is the Word. They become alienated from His life & His spiritual spark, you might say in a way, that which gives life. The Word is life.

THAT SCRIPTURE ALWAYS IMPRESSED ME: “THE WORDS THAT I SPEAK UNTO YOU, THEY ARE SPIRIT & THEY ARE LIFE”! Think of that! They are Spirit & they are Life! They’re real things! They’re really something. They are Spirit & they are Life. These are things you can’t see, you can’t touch, but without them everything would be dead, totally dead. And without the Word, those people become completely dead, just dead, without life. 

MB: I’m convinced that most of us don’t realize how weak we are. What I mean by this is that humans are like triple A batteries. You put a triple A battery under a lot of stress and it goes flat in a flash. Well, life on earth is pretty much stress from the time you are born till the time you die. If a systemite has to be plugged into the matrix all the time in order to stay part of the Devil’s kingdom, don’t you think we, God’s children, need to stay plugged into God’s matrix all the time to stay in His will?
I was going to say “stay in His Kingdom” but that wouldn’t be true because we are saved and have the helmet of salvation pinned on, which means we are His for eternity. So “stay in His will” is a better way of looking at it. Okay, so if you are one of David’s mighty men, or you at least signed up for the advanced-leadership classes and you miss a class or two, you better realize that you are immediately falling behind, and unless you can burn some midnight oil and catch up, that lack will begin to tell on you somewhere down the line. If a Child of David goes back on the MO letters, in part or all together, then they have become alienated from the Word of God that was given through MO for Endtime disciples. (end)

I’M CONVINCED IT’S BECAUSE THEY GET AWAY FROM THE WORD. If they live in the Word, I don’t think they’d ever get away, they couldn’t get away, because they’d get so full of the Word. That’s why our children are so spiritual, we just baptize them & fill them with the Word! My first family just lived in the Word, memorized the Word, & all the first disciples, that was our main thing was memorization & study of the Word, just get full of the Word so you can’t get away from it. Because “the Words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit & they are life.”

JESUS IS THE WORD, HE IS THE SPIRIT & THE LIFE, & YOU HAVE TO HAVE A DOSE OF HIM EVERYDAY, really, & have a good feeding & feasting & drinking. Just like you have to eat in order to have physical strength, you have to eat of the Word, drink of the Word to have spiritual strength. And I think that’s how they get so alienated from the life of God they neglect the Word, they get away from the Word. “Without me ye are nothing.” (Jn.15:5.) They get away from the Lord. They don’t lose their salvation but they “follow afar off” like Peter (Mt.26:58), to the point where they could even deny Him, like Peter.

I THINK THAT’S THE SECRET. I’ve been trying to think, what starts these people on the road back? What is it that causes them to cool off? “The love of many waxes cold”, the fire dies, the flame dies down, they cool off, they turn cold. What feeds the fire? What feeds the flame? It’s the fuel. And what’s the fuel? It’s the Word, right? Its the Word that feeds the candle, that feeds the fire! It’s the fuel, the life that’s in that fuel, whether it be candle wax or gasoline or oil or whatever it is, even electricity, it’s that fuel that fires the flame.

AND WHEN THEY RUN OUT OF FUEL, LIKE THE FIVE FOOLISH VIRGINS RAN OUT OF OIL, THE FIRE GOES OUT, the light goes out, & they wind up in darkness, alienated from the life of God, the fuel, the Word, the Spirit. “Alienated from the life of God.” What is the life of God?–The Word, the Spirit, the Life. Alienated from it they become dark, darkened in their understanding. The fuel runs out because they haven’t fed the fire with the Word, which is Jesus, Spirit, Life, all of these things are the Word.

AND THE WORD IS ALL OF THESE THINGS: THE WORD IS JESUS, THE WORD IS GOD, THE WORD IS SPIRIT, THE WORD IS LIFE! And without Jesus you’re without God, you’re without Spirit, you’re without Life, you’re dead! The flame goes out, just like when it runs out of oil or fuel. The fire goes out, there’s no heat, grows cold, past feeling. Dark, cold. See? I mean, it’s an invariable pattern. But it all sort of sums the whole thing up in one little formula. “Alienated from the life of God.” What does alienated mean? Separated.

THAT’S THE SECRET! THAT’S REALLY THE SECRET! I’ve been sitting here really wondering how can they do it? How can they get so far away, so cold, so dark, so hard, so past feeling? I mean, this is brought out in “Backsliders Beware”, but I don’t know if we really got the answer right there, but it just came to me so strong. That Scripture came back to me first: “Darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God, past feeling.” How do they get separated from God? How do they get alienated from God & from His life? How could they become strangers, aliens to His life & even His way of living?

MB: I think if you become alienated from the Words of David, you truly become darkened in your understanding. The Words of David are light to the path ahead. Everyone, and I mean the whole world, will have to eventually walk the path we are on, because it is God’s Word for the future. I don’t want to get into what’s ahead for the whole world in the Millennium, but we are, I would say, more prepared than most. We are learning things now that those that left off of MO cannot even understand because they have become darkened in their understanding. Even this concept I am pointing out now should not be hard to understand for those that have been keeping up with their advanced-leadership training classes. Faith also plays a big part in what I’m trying to point out here. Without faith, the understanding doesn’t come either. Faith to receive New Wine comes from reading MO, not from going back to the Bible to brush up on Bible knowledge. (end)

AND IT’S SO CLEAR, THE FIRST STEP CAME: WELL, THEY BECOME DARKENED IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING. And the only way you can get darkened in your understanding is by resisting the Spirit, rejecting the Word & being filled with the lies of the Devil! Because they had no love of the Truth & they rejected the Word of God, the Lord sent them strong delusion that they might be damned, judged. (2Thessalonians 2:10-12.) Even killed! In a lot of cases the backsliders are killed, it gets them out of the way.

HE NEVER LIKED THE WORD, HE NEVER DID, NEVER! HE ALWAYS DREADED THE LETTERS. His interest was not the Letters, his main interest was as Judas, he held the bag, the money, & power & popularity were next. That’s the only reason he ever stuck with his job, because it was a job in which he had position & he had money, & was a king & a leader. But he didn’t like the Prophet & he didn’t like what he prophesied & he didn’t like the Word.

MB: And this is what I believe people are not seeing so clearly. …Or perhaps the division has already sorted out those that want MO and those that don’t. After all, it is now a good 12 years since the Reboot, and those that understand what is happening now in regards to Endtime events are those that continued following MO, and by MO, I don’t mean the old letters, I mean the New/Old Wine. Because in believing and continuing with MO, you should have picked up Maria and in picking up Maria, you should have picked up the advanced weapons and therefore will be drinking New, New Wine and will be right up and on track with all this wilderness stuff. (end)

THE REASON THEY LOST THAT BATTLE WAS BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T WAIT FOR THE WORD! They didn’t wait for the Prophet of God & get the Word of God to go out & fight. They tried to fight in their own strength without the Lord, without the Prophet & without the Word of God!–And without His blessings, without Him making the offering & the sacrifice & showing His blessing & His approval.

WITHOUT THE PROPHET OF GOD THERE WAS NO WORD, THERE WAS NO GOD, THERE WAS NO LIFE, THERE WAS NO FIRE, THERE WAS NOTHING!–And they went out & tried to fight the battle against the Enemy & fell flat on their faces! Saul & all of his sons were killed & decapitated & humiliated & the army was totally defeated & deserted & every man went home to his tent. They all backslid, the whole army!–To clear out the rubbish & the rubble & the chaff that had been trained under Saul & who were like Saul, not really looking to the Lord & the Prophet & His Word, but depending on their own strength like Saul did, trying to do it in his own strength.

BUT THE DIFFERENCE WAS, DAVID HAD THE WORD, HE REALLY LOVED THE LORD! He stuck close to the Spirit of God & the love of the Spirit & had the Word of God, he was a prophet of God. David was first & foremost & above all a Prophet of God who received marvelous beautiful prophecies from the Lord. I mean, the whole Book of Psalms is virtually all prophecy.

DAVID IN A SENSE BECAME THE WORD FOR THE NATION. The nation was virtually dead when David came along, Saul had killed it by separating it from the Word, from the Prophet of God, from Samuel, from David. Saul cut off all his possible avenues of escape, all of his possible helpers who could have possibly revived him, so finally God just had to cut him off.

“God gives tests like that! Remember the test He gave Abraham? He gave His Word to Abraham, go sacrifice Isaac. Boy, was that a test! He was the promised seed, the promised son, the miracle son. God wanted to see if he’d still believe Him, put His Word above his son, even above the fulfillment of the Word, put the Word even above the effects of the Word.”

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