prophecy bites

(Jesus:) When you use the Keys, you are unlocking more and more of My Kingdom and bringing It down to Earth—therefore weakening the Devil’s hold on this world and bringing on the End quicker. The Final Key will be the culmination of all that you and others have done through the Keys of Heaven. That great and final Barrier of power will burst forth and usher in the Age of the Spirit upon Earth! The Devil will then be defeated and be cast into the bottomless pit. We will have won the victory and finished the course. So the more you use the Keys, the more quickly I can come and open that Lock for you. I need conduits, My love, to bring about this power. I need Key wielders, opening all these doors and bringing the Spirit Realm down to earth. Just as My Father needed a conduit—My mother, Mary—to bring Me down to earth. And just as I needed a vessel—your Father David—to pour forth the Words of the End. So do I again need vessels to take hold of the Keys and open the windows of Heaven, so that My Spirit can have a gateway to come back and take over the World.




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