“Look at Moses‚ after he’d been broken and humbled and learned to depend utterly on the Lord. He goes before Pharaoh, trusting God’s promise to deliver the children of Israel, and what happens? Pharaoh says no and makes the children of Israel work even harder! Things looked like they were even worse than before, and by every standard that the mind could grasp, they were! Had the Lord’s promises actually failed? Of course not. But in those times when to you they seem to have failed, it can cause severe testing if you are looking to visible results to “prove” their veracity.”

faith is the currency of the spirit world

“Faith is persevering in My will, even when you don’t see Me answering you. Noah persevered for 120 years in building the Ark, sometimes wondering if he’d gotten something wrong and was failing Me‚ and other times wondering if maybe I’d changed My mind. But he just kept plugging along nevertheless, keeping the faith. Faith was a key part of the witness that I needed him to give to the wicked world. What greater testament of faith could he have than being determined to obey whether it seemed that I was fulfilling My side or not?”

“Faith is not provable or explainable–it just is. You so often search for a logical explanation, thriving on the complexity you find in that search, instead of accepting the simple, but miraculous, mysterious and inexplicable way of faith. Strive for simple faith, and there you will find happiness.”

faith to hold on

“Think again about Noah. It took great faith to face those crowds of scoffers after a hundred years of telling them about the coming flood. He could easily have looked at the impossibility of the task before him and how long he was having to endure without seeing results. He had to take the flood and the need for the Ark totally by faith, since he only had God’s voice to go on.”

“That’s what faith is–knowing that I’m here, and that what I’ve promised I’m not only able to perform, but I’m going to perform. I know that you sometimes feel that My promises are a bit nebulous–that there are so many conditions, or that to receive an answer it has to be exactly in line with My will. That’s true–any promise could be fulfilled in a number of ways. It’s hard for you when you don’t fully know what the outcome will be. But when you base your faith on a certain outcome instead of trusting Me to fulfill My perfect will, that’s when you’re easily disappointed.”

many are called

“If discipleship was easy, Jesus wouldn’t need them so desperately–because there would be plenty of people willing to serve Him and do what you’re doing. It’s hard, it requires so much sacrifice, faith, and endurance‚ and that’s why they are rare, priceless, extremely valuable–and why He will reward them accordingly, above all they can imagine.”

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