Prophecy Bites

New Key promise:

 (Spirit helper speaking: ) Abolish the old with the keys of faith, and then you can walk on the water of whatever stormy seas you must cross without a care in the world. Knowing that you have abandoned all makes you grasp tightly on to Jesus and know that you are eligible for all that He wants to give you.

Increase your faith by claiming key promises and see the power of the Lord work miracles for you and yours. Those who pray in faith see more answers to prayer than those who simply go through the motions of prayer, but don’t really expect anything to happen.

One way to activate your faith more is to pick a needy situation and claim victories for it, and keep knocking on the door of Heaven until the keys have done their work and changed things for the better. Just a fast little prayer, once in a life time for a myriad of details may help, and does indeed work; but for your own good and that of others, sometimes focused and repeated prayers by you, will allow you to see and take part in the miracle more personally.

Like that quote: “What can prayer do? Anything God can do.” So, wanna be God’s hand at work today? Or more like His mouth? Then pray, and take whatever steps are needed—such as praising and claiming the power of the Keys of Heaven, then miracles can and will come your way. Help to speak what He wants said, so the miracles can form in the world around you.



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