wishing well


Jesus speaking in prophecy:

“Everyone does it when the road gets long and tiresome, or when they are bored and feel like a change of scenery. It’s human nature to want change. Even My Word says that all things change.  There are songs about wishful thinking; there are movies too. “If I had a thousand wishes”. But in the end, what would you do but wish for a thousand more. Only I have the ability to grant Myself a thousand wishes and a thousand upon a thousand wishes, and all of them would come true.

But what would I do with a thousand wishes if I didn’t have your love? What would a thousand wishes be good for? I could wish that you would love Me for no other reason but for love’s sake. But that would only truly work if you wished that too. Yet we all know that true love never just happens; it is not some overnight wonder that happens to two people as if they had some magical wish. A wish is like a grain of corn before planting. Does it just sit there in a bag, waiting for the day that it becomes a full ear of delicious golden corn ready for the picking, or is there a process? A wish never takes into account the period in between the single kernel and the full ear. Wishful thinking takes the hard work and fun out of that single kernel of corn maturing into a full ear. Wishful thinking doesn’t consider the in-between part. Wishful thinking wants only to get to the end of the road to enjoy the fruit…I was almost going to say, of the labor it took to reach the end of the road. Wishful thinking really does take the heart out of the kernel. At times during My life on Earth, when life’s road turned into a stony, unappealing haul up a very steep mountain, I found Myself wishful thinking. “I just want to get to the end of this road.” I’d say to Myself. “I just want the end result without this steep climb.” Wishful thinking is so unrealistic. Imagine having anything you wanted right when you wanted it? Well, save your self from that line of thought because it is not even realistic. You might as well wish for the end of this life and die. Which some people end up doing by taking their own life. That is where an extreme case of wishful thinking can get you. Besides, there is no such thing as the end of the road, because life goes on for eternity. Your life here on Earth and in Heaven is one big experience of in between. Even that piping hot cob of sweet corn with a blob of butter seeping between those tightly packed kernels, lightly peppered, with a sprinkle of salt, giving off its gorgeous aroma has not yet finished its course.

What makes it smell sooo good and yummy? What makes it look so full and delicious? It’s the heart, the soft, sweet center-filled heart. And  it didn’t get that way by wishful thinking either. It got that way by a process. A full life is like a full kernel of corn. There is the doing part; all that goes into making it to the next bend in the road, its about the journey.

I would that you could get there more quickly and easily, but that is wishful thinking. And wishful thinking doesn’t fill that kernel’s heart with the right stuff. Before the they-lived-happily-ever-after part, the road that leads there must be traveled. I want with all My heart for you to have what I have. But to get this pearl you must walk My road; you must follow My path; you must experience, in part, what I passed through on My way to the bend in the road that I am now standing at. From here I can see around the corner, and I know you wish you could too, but first you must walk that rough and rugged road that lies between us. I promise you that when you reach My open arms you will not regret the sacrifice it took to get to Me; what you will see around this corner will make sure of that. At this point where I now stand, I’m going to take your hand and we will walk on together, thoroughly enjoying everything the new road has to offer. Yes I know, I’ve told you that I am beside you as you walk that dusty earth road your feet are presently treading, but I mean there will be no veil between us when you reach this point. The wish will have become reality. Our relationship will have been built on the right stuff then. Faith, trust, loyalty, endurance, breakings, times of joy and happiness as well as times of sadness. These and many other things are needed to fill that kernel’s heart full of love. But when you stop to think about it, isn’t that what true love is made of?”

“The Enemy knows who you are and where you are, even if all the bad and evil people in the world don’t know. And it’s not difficult for the Devil to inspire those who have already begun living lives of crime and evil to attack those that he points
them toward. The evildoers might not know that you’re anything special, but the Devil does‚ and he will try to use these pawns of his to do physical damage to you.”


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