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Let Me show you what happens in the spirit when you stop to take time to hear from Me. When you do, you’re not only opening the door for My blessings to flow down upon you in greater measure because of your obedience, but you also tap into a very important principle of the spirit–one of the immutable laws of the spirit, just as the law of gravity is an immutable law in the physical realm.

When you stop to hear My Words and My voice, I’m bound by My Word to go with you, to surround you, to control the situation. Unlike when you go in your own strength or with your own ideas–in which case I try to protect you, but am not able to fully surround you with My protection–when you listen to My voice and go forth to obey it, you’re automatically fully covered under My insurance. That’s not to say that nothing will ever happen to you–accidents or troubles of any kind–but when they do happen, you don’t have to worry in the slightest, because I’ve gone before and am working out My perfect will.

That’s the beauty of hearing from Me at every step. You not only save yourself a lot of time and trouble in missing the mark and having to go back and do things again, but you also automatically are fully insured with My Heavenly power and protection, and are assured that any loss would be fully covered. Even if something happens to you that you think is bad, you can know that I’ll work it out for good–for the best.

Even when you don’t stop at every step to hear from Me, I have the ability to always work things together for good to those who know and love Me. But that doesn’t mean that there will be no loss to you. I can teach you a lesson through it, I can use it as a testimony or a witness, but at times there is a loss. Things could have worked out better if you’d not made the mistake, if you’d been more prayerful, and most importantly, if you’d checked in with Me.

But how different it is when you’re asking Me about each move, each step! You can be assured that you’ll suffer no loss–that anything that happens is what I’ve allowed to happen within the boundaries of My perfect will.

What seems to you as a loss is great gain in the Spirit. For in the Spirit no matter what tangible loss you experience–whether it is a lost battle, the loss of a loved one, even that which you would call a defeat–it is actually a victory and great gain in the Spirit. Though you may experience what you would consider actual loss, when you hear from Me and receive My Word and act on it, you can have full faith that whatever has taken place has been allowed by Me and been part of My will in your life. You could call it Godly loss–which is great gain. For the end result that I will bring about will be greater than any loss you have experienced. Though on Earth some of these things may have seemed a loss to you, when you join with Me in Heaven you will see that you did not lose but gained.

So, My children, enter into My full coverage by learning to check with Me about everything. In so doing you commit your ways to Me and allow Me perfect control over the situation. Why go into danger zones with minimum liability insurance when you can have full coverage? Once you make the switch, you’ll see how great the dividends are in comparison to the small cost to you!

(Ask Me Everything, Part 3 #3272)

“My beloved children, I am your truest Friend! I’m the One that sticks closer than a brother. I’m always with you, always there for you. So it’s to your advantage to use every opportunity you can to counsel with Me, to bring Me into every decision that needs to be made. That’s one reason I’m there, so close to you, a part of your very thoughts–so you can ask Me about all aspects of your life and hear from Me in prophecy.”


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