Faith and Endtime leadership

“You are destined to be leaders, those who will teach, instruct, and shelter many. What will give faith to those you are leading?When they see you facing the ferocity of battle and suffering the wounds of war, even falling to your knees in exhaustion at times, yet you wont stop, you wont give up. Seeing you struggle back to your feet, again and again, till the battle is won, is a greater testimony than anything else you could do or any witness you could giveDo you believe that what I have promised I will perform? Do you trust Me so much that it doesnt matter what things look like to your eyes or mindyou know Me so intimately that nothing could ever dissuade you from following whatever task I give you to do? Thats the kind of dedication that will carry you forward and through any battle you will face. Thats the conviction of heart that will cause you to get up off the ground after some blow from the Enemy, to glare right back at him and scream in his face that his attempts to stop you only make you more determined to destroy him utterly.”



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